If you Had the Choice to Work for “the Man” or yourself, what would it be?

Erika Chaudhary
4 min readJul 24, 2019

The difference working in an office compared to working for yourself

When we graduate we are not told to create something we are told to go and find a job.

What a pity!

Because a job gives us security, food, home and holiday.

Everybody does it! I’ve got to buy a house and pay the bills. I’ve got to have a car too. Family one day. A dog or cat! The list continues…. We are essentially told to be the same as everybody else. The pressure continues not only for women but for men too. Women have to have careers and babies and men have to have careers and earn enough money to buy houses and women.

I went to an art school so everyone was an individual although after school all of us had no choice but go to a University that teaches further art. So little choice for further education, however, a choice, right? I ended up working in a corporate world for nearly ten years. Art and business? How on earth does that come about, right? Life is cool like that it gives you options and all you have to do is make a choice.

Anyone can work in a corporate world but not anyone can survive it.

I quit the world of 9–5 a few years ago. If you ask me how is it not working in the corporate world; do I have any regrets; do I feel left out; and so on… I have no regrets not a single one. It feels like it almost wasn’t me those few years ago working for the man. I feel free to make own decisions on how I want things to go. I have a lot more responsibility on everything I do.

I used to live in a bubble and thank god it popped.

Now, I work for myself or rather for myself and my husband. We believe we are creating something of our own. My husband and I are building a better tomorrow not only for us but others too. There are a few differences working for yourself in comparison to working for others.

I get a lot more time back

Two hours a day working on my business is like eight hours in an office. An office environment is a super destructive place to work in. There’s phones, open spaces…



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