Men and Women are the Same

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Both male and female want love and be loved. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; to want love is a simplest form of a human condition. It’s stupid to differentiate men and women when they both want the same.

Love doesn’t have gender.

If you look at the production of the hormones it’s actually the same for male and female. You can look it up in a science journal.


Both men and female want to have a nice house, family and whatever that may come with it cars, dogs, cats you name it. Why then differentiate it? It’s universal for all. It is gender equal to want to have a family. There is no difference between a man wanting to have a family and a woman wanting to have a family. It’s universal. Men love having kids as much as women.


Food. Both men and women want good food to fuel their bodies. Both genders want to be healthy and live long lives. Food matters to both genders why differentiate it? If both genders want to eat good food are we going to create women and men food? Oh wait, it already exist. Food has become gendered too now! Salads are for women and burgers are for men. Isn’t it ridiculous?!


Men and women are career driven. Not all! Some women have babies and climbing a career ladder and men stay at home to look after the baby. Some women have babies and stay at home while men earn the cash. However, both genders want to be successful in achieving great results in whatever they choose to do.

It’s a myth that men and women are different.

It’s convenient to think men and women are different when one gender wants objectify the other and its supported by silly books that differentiate genders.


The other distorted view is feminism by both men and women. It’s now popular for women to wear nothing and “feel” sexy while men run their eyes up and down their bodies. Both genders are as bad as each other. In Natasha Walter’s book called Living Dolls:

It’s a return of sexism.

The difference between a male and a female is biological and nothing else. Why create barriers that don’t exist? Why create emotional barriers that don’t exist? Why create sexism? It’s complete and utter nonsense to believe that men and women are different. When it to comes to universal things such as love, family, food and home both sexes want the same things.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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