Why Uphill Walking is a Good thing for you

Waking Vs Running and what’s better for your health

‘A Life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.’ George Bernard Shaw

I have been walking up the hill for a while now. I cannot do running. I was never good at running. I am not good at running and I will never be good at running. I don’t wish to be good at running either. No matter how many times I picked up running I dropped it. Running has never been my thing.

Although many people would say that too and then they run marathons. I am not one of those. Running isn’t my thing. It just isn’t.

I am not an exercise expert. I can only go by how it makes me feel. If it is giving me benefits or I have more worries. If I am happier and healthier then it’s great. My own feelings are not based on science. However, there have been some articles and blog posts written on the subject and it seems to support my views on running.

Why I don’t like running? I see more negatives with running than positives, for example:

‘Running is a crappy way to lose fat and an inferior way to boost cardiovascular health, but it’s somehow become the most popular exercise on Earth after walking.’ from Running is the worst way to get fit

  • When running people most likely are to get injured
  • Running puts a huge strain on the bones
  • Lose upper body strength

People lose weight while running but it’s not a pretty look. All runners look thin and sick to me. When I was running and if I stopped I would immediately gain masses of weight.

If you have an injury (god forbid) or you cannot run because of the massive strain on your body you are going to become massive. Running isn’t as sustainable as an exercise.

‘But running at a middling, not-too-hard, not-too-easy pace for an extended period of time isn’t some timeless, eternal movement pattern on which our bodies thrive. It was really only popularized as a “palliative to sedentariness” in the 1960s, and while any movement is usually better than none, running fails almost every test of a worthy exercise.’ from Running is the worst way to get fit

The benefits of running are you can burn a lot of calories double than walking. However, if I walk up the hill for the same amount of time as a person running on the flat surface, I burn the same amount of calories without the strain on the body and with no injuries.

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Why I prefer walking up the hill than running:

‘Some small research studies show that uphill walking can help your body metabolise both glucose (blood sugar) and lipids (cholesterol), meaning it could be beneficial for people who are pre-diabetic or at risk of heart disease. These studies also showed some benefit to downhill walking.’ from Benefits of Walking up Hill and how to do it Right

  • No injures
  • I work my lower body without a strain on it
  • I burn as many calories as a person running on a flat surface
  • I tone my body and I don’t have terrible look runners have

I find walking is much easier to do with a lot less effort. I can walk a couple of times a day up the hill. I lost a huge amount of weight with just walking on a flat surface! When walking up the hill it has a much better effect on the body without potential injuries or strain on it.

Walking up the hill it has a benefit of accomplishment I got up a hill. Every time I am up on the hill I feel like I am on top of the world. The birds fly below me. Nature changes because of altitude. The clouds are below. It feels like a world is at your feet. I feel like that when I climb up a big mountain. Walking it’s such an easy exercise to do without a strain on the body.

‘In fact, walking is the suggested workout over running for many people. For example, those with knee, ankle and back problems. Walking is a lower impact exercise and can be done for longer periods of time.’ Why Walking is the most underrated form of exercise

I love walking. After walking up the hill I feel like I’ve done a huge amount of running. I do tend to walk a lot in the city before the lockdown. Walking is the easiest and simplest form of exercise that gives a lot of benefits. There’s many different ways of walking too: sprint walking, slow walking, fast walking take your pick.

Photo by Gena Okami on Unsplash

I hope walking will become more popular. I understand the need of losing weight and improving cardiovascular, however, walking up the hill can do that too! I love walking. I love things that don’t require a lot of effort when it comes to exercise but give me so many benefits. It has become a norm to go for aggressive hardcore exercises such as spinning, body pump, or whatever else.

I don’t like aggressiveness in the exercise. My body paid for it when I did a a body pump class. I don’t like the sound of spinning classes either. It’s just too much. I love something I can do without upsetting my body. I love to exercise it in a way it doesn’t hurt it but improves it.

With that said, whether you are the runner or a walker what matters is you look after the body. It’s the only one you have! I hate exercise but I found what I can do to improve my body and keep it moving. I found a way to exercise that’s beneficial and doesn’t hurt my precious body. Find what you love and do that.

Love and Light!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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