Why I don’t Do Christmas

The Truth Behind Christmas

Winter months are not my favourite. I never liked the cold although everyone tells me I am from Lithuania so I should be ok with the cold. I am not ok with the cold. I really do not like the cold. The other part of winter is Christmas and the New Year. I was never a fan of Christmas like I was never a fan of winter. New Year it’s just another way of counting down your time here.

Christmas has become a consumer’s haven.

Christmas shopping starts from October!!!! Isn’t it madness?!!! From November, everything is lit in Christmas lights and we are being enticed to buy; think of the loved ones and buy, buy and buy. The companies manipulate us with their enticing advertisements and emotional Christmas ads. Just google “Christmas ads” there’s so many!

These emotional Christmas ads sells things like ‘you cannot buy time with your family’ or ‘family is what matters the most’ and so on. The way we are “told” to compensate this is by buying things. By buying things marketed to us we associate love with materialist stuff. This way we accumulate stuff we don’t need. Companies keep making stuff we don’t need.

The Ugly Truth about Consumerism

I don’t subscribe to consumerism. I don’t like buying for the sake of buying. I do not like buying things and then throwing it away. I like things that lasts. Consumerism goes against it. It sells you things so you can keep on buying. It’s called planned obsolescence. If you haven’t heard of it you should! Watch the BBC The Men Who Made Us Spend

Manufacturers back 1946 or something like that have created products to last less time so we keep on buying. It was the birth on consumerism as we know it today. For example, a light bulb can lasts 2500 hours but we buy lightbulbs that lasts only 1000 hours. Why? Because companies wanted or needed to make money. Almost everything we consume is done to this effect.

We are “injected” with a need of buying and consuming.

We fall into this life of buying because we buy into the life we suppose to be living. For instance, we leave school, go to a university and then get a job for an experience. We should leave after the experience is gained but we stay. We fall in the trap of capitalism and consumerism. I learn to need a certain standard of living dictated by a company I work for.

I need to buy a flat dictated by my social peers. I need to have a mortgage dictated by the life people lead around me and so on. In other words I become the living dead. It’s almost I have no time to think for myself or decide what I want. Everything I end up having is because of someone or something. George Monbiot in his article Career Advice writes:

You know you have only one life. You know it is a precious, extraordinary, unrepeatable thing: the product of billions of years of serendipity and evolution. So why waste it by handing it over to the living dead?

When we have enough money to pay our bills we are soothed not to think.

We are soothed to believe that this is the life we should live. No questions asked. We are paying mortgages and bills and go on holidays. This is the life we don’t want to give up. Because we love the jobs we have. However, we never do things we love. Why? No-one questions it. How about we take less money and actually live?

The Alternative Christmas

How about we live and connect to our inner wisdom? Breath the fresh mountain air and learn to be without buying… I grew up without knowing what fast food was. Going out was maybe once a month because it wasn’t a norm. Now it’s as rare to eat at home as not having a mobile phone. Why do we have to be all the same?

I don’t need to have the latest smartphone. I don’t need to have the latest gadgets to fit in. I grew up not knowing or having brands. I grew up reading books. Maybe that’s why I don’t like buying stuff. I don’t see the point of having stuff. I’d rather have a walk in a natural park or by the sea…that gives me clarity so I can create stuff rather than buy.

Why can we not learn by not buying we can all have an amazing Christmas? After all 25th is in each month of the year. Because somebody wants to cash in on this day it becomes so important..? Why do we let others play with our emotions and manipulate us to into buying? Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Christmas.

What I despise with every bone in my body is senseless consumerism which lead some families into debt. There are advertisements how to save for Christmas and buy things you cannot afford! How mad is that? If you cannot afford to buy something don’t buy it. Simple! The other thing is people do generous act of kindness because it’s Christmas.

Kindness is not just One Day of the Year

How about you do generous act of kindness for the whole year not just Christmas? How about you give every month? How about you do something every week? I don’t like this one day thing. Why be with the family only that one day of the year? How about the other 364 days? I don’t buy one day of kindness.

I want to believe that we can wake up from this mad dream. I hope we question the things we do. I want to believe there’s a light at the end of tunnel. I hope Christmas to be a day of waking up and not buying anything. Imagine how much more powerful and wonderful a present would be if you gave an experience as a gift rather than a materialistic thing…?

Imagine you spend time learning to dance, horse ride, singing, painting or just talking…? Wouldn’t this be more magical Christmas? How about everyone make food instead of turn up and eat it? No materialist presents are given only love, kindness and presence. That’s a real Christmas. I wish you this kind of Christmas this year. Experience the real magic this year.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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