Why Everyone should Stand up for themselves

Erika Chaudhary
3 min readAug 10, 2018

When we are young parents teach us what’s wrong and right. When building a sand castle with your friend something goes wrong the parents sort it out. Later we go to school and learn for ourselves the unfairness exist. Some kids get a way with a murder and others get caught for doing anything slightly “incorrect”.

We learn that standing up for yourself matters otherwise bullying might be something they’ll have to deal with. Bullying is bad. You are either the kid who is doing the bullying or you are a kid who experience the bullying. No one can escape bullying sadly. I wish bullying didn’t exist in the world but it does.

Everything I am today is because of the experiences I’ve had and my parents. When growing up everyone will have moments in life when they’ll have to stand up for themselves. Learning to stand up for yourself is one the greatest lessons anyone can learn. It’s important to stand up for yourself not only to avoid the bullying at school but also it is useful later in life.

My mum didn’t stand up for herself. She would go home and think and worry about the unfairness of things. However, wouldn’t voice it out. She’d bottle it up. Imagine a volcano not being able to burst out and when eventually does it’s a storm of a lifetime. It’s important to be able to communicate things through.

However, not many people have communication skills to be transparent when an issue arise. Kindness always pays. Everyone should be nice to each other. When one opens their heart and others shit on it that’s when it’s the time to learn to stand up for yourself and communicate. The best experience I’ve ever had is working at a restaurant. I was in my early teens.

I’ve learned the importance of being able to express yourself. If you don’t say what’s going on and don’t have conversations about it it’s a disaster waiting to happen. I didn’t tell the owner an order didn’t arrive and we lost so much money as a result. I was in the wrong. I was told off. The owner had the right. When the pay day came I didn’t get paid.

The owner said he’s taken the money to cover the loss because it was my fault. I had to pay for it. I should have stood up for myself then. Instead, I quit. I didn’t confront him. I was sulking. I cried. Instead of complaining, sulking and crying I should do something about it. Accept what’s reasonable and don’t put up with something that’s isn’t.

I’ve had this type of experience a few times until I stood up for myself. Life is funny this way. Things will keep on reoccurring until I learn from it. I am that type of person that would rather suffer silently than cause an argument. I hate confrontation. However, I cannot go through life and not have a confrontation.

People will take a piss out of you unless you stop it. I used to have a series of bosses that would complain about my work no matter what I did. My work was good. I kept on having mean bosses until I said no. I had to stand up for myself. If people in an organisation are mean that’s even a better reason for standing up because you might safe somebody else from bad experience.

It’s so scary and trust me if you are like me it’s very uncomfortable to stand up for yourself at first. Because I am not used to doing that. Every time I do it it feels like I am in the wrong, however, I am being abused by somebody. How wrong is that to think it?!!!! The only way I learned to stand up is stand up. When it’s wrong it’s wrong simple as that and stick to it.

One has to learn to say no and be ok with it. People don’t like people who stand up for themselves. I’ve learned that! It’s important to stand up for yourself because if something is wrong it should be known and brought to the light. It’s good for the soul because no-one should live the wrong.

Standing up to anything that’s wrong is showing strength in the character. By doing so creating a better life for yourself and others.



Erika Chaudhary

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