Why ‘Addiction’ to Needles Makes a Life Better

The ancient Chinese medicine

No, I am not talking of bad needles.

No, I am not talking about drug addition.

However, knowing the affect of needles I empathise with those who get addicted.

I understand the power of the needle. However, my ‘addition’ to needles is for health not for destruction of health.

‘Ancient Chinese medicine is one of the oldest, and what we today call “alternative” medical methodologies in the world. Way back before medical science ever existed, ancient medications such as that which was developed by the Chinese, was the only form of treatment against injury and disease.’ — Acupuncture

Introduction to the Needles

The needles I am talking about are acupuncture of course. The reason I first went to an acupuncturist was to deal with my terrible migraine attacks. I used to have devastating migraines. I would be vomiting and have a pain in the head it’s hard to describe. I would need three days to recover from it. I’d take fairly strong migraine pills too.

I was introduced to a Chinese lady through a colleague at work. The lady who put the tiniest needles in as thin as a hair was a straight talking lady. She would tell me to lose weight. She would tell me to cook for myself instead of going out. Her name was Dr Sha Sha. Unfortunately, she passed away, God rest her soul.

I loved her. I was very sad when she died. Her advice or rather telling the truth how it was would be so refreshing for me when all around me would be this polite Englishness. People would talk in code language. I’d spent a lot of time trying to figure out what they meant.

I preferred cold, harsh but straight talking truth. I still do. I don’t want sugar coated nonsense. She introduced me to Chinese medicine, needles, and a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve ever tried acupuncture you’ll know real acupuncture has to give a little ‘shock’ or ‘electricity’ when the needle goes in.

It’s a release of energy. It’s not painful. It helps the energy in the body flow better. The reason people get sick or have headaches is because of blockages in my meridian lines. Science cannot explain the meridian lines. The meridian lines seem to evoke controversy.

‘Our life energy — also known as Chi or Qi — distributed by these channels is not exactly a physical system like the circulatory system, it is better understood as being a process as opposed to a structure. This process is studied by Chinese medicine practitioners as intently as a western doctor would have to study the anatomy of the human body.’ from Energy Flow

Our bodies have energy flowing. We are connected to the universe believe it or not. The Chinese were the first ones to discover the meridian lines in the body. When a person dies there are no more meridian lines because the energy is no longer flowing in the body. If it’s hard to believe in the meridian lines how about thoughts and feelings?


When the body is in balance and the energy flows freely no one should have aches or pains. We can heal the body holistically. I believe in acupuncture because it has helped a lot in my life. My migraines drastically reduced. I no longer take migraine pills without which I couldn’t live before.

I must say it’s not only the needles that saved me from migraines but it’s also the clean food. What you eat matters too!

Getting ‘the high’

After a while, I’d love to get a needle in. It’s the release of whatever it’s stuck that gives me a high. It’s weird to explain it. I used to go to see the acupuncturist sometimes twice a week. As soon as I was on the table and Dr Shasha’s niece Dr Rong Rong start putting the needles in I’d relax.

Science tries to explain this in here:

“One major hypothesis is that acupuncture works through neurohormonal pathways. Basically, you put the needle through specific points in the body and stimulate the nerve. The nerve actually sends signals to the brain, and the brain releases neural hormones such as beta-Endorphins. By doing that, the patient may feel euphoric, or happy, and this increases the pain threshold and they feel less pain,” Bao said

It’s the feeling of relaxation, release, and breath out whatever bothers you. After acupuncture, I’d feel relaxed and happy. Only two ladies I know Dr Shasha and Dr Rong Rong who actually do real acupuncture. She lives in London. I have tried acupuncture in Barcelona and Madrid.

They all do acupuncture like this put the needles in, I don’t get a little ‘shock’ or ‘electricity’. They tell me to rest for 20 min with needles in. That’s it. I don’t consider this acupuncture. Acupuncture is energy. Acupuncture is a movement. It’s alive. I don’t know what those needles for 20 min do to me. All I know the effect is different.

I don’t know maybe I’ve been spoiled by amazing acupuncturists but I keep looking for anyone who’d be as good as Dr. Shasha and Dr Rong Rong. I am still disappointed no one can beat the quality of acupuncture of these ladies.

Final Thoughts

Acupuncture is an amazing way to heal your body. I love it. It’s natural. It’s real. It works. However, you’ve got to have the right people doing the acupuncture.

Some say acupuncture is not sustainable because you’ve got to do it all the time to reap the results. It depends on what you are trying to heal. I used to go to acupuncture on and off for a good 10 years. The more I did the more my body liked it.

If you have an amazing acupuncturist always see them, your body will thank you later. I don’t know when it will be possible to see an acupuncturist because of the coronavirus. I hope everyone gets to try it and see how amazing it can be for your body.

You can learn more about acupuncture here.

Love and Light!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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