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I wrote a piece called The Why is Your Inner Devil — Get rid of it! and it sparked a few conversations in which the definition of the why has come to light. This article is a response to that. I want to explore the differences in the why. It’s not obvious as one would think.

The simplest and the best way I can define the devil why or simply the why is by depicting seven deadly sins as it’s in Christopher Marlowe book Dr. Faustus. The seven deadly sins appear after Dr. Faustus has made a deal with the devil and started to have doubts. Why do I think the why is the seven deadly sins? Because the why I am talking about is the ego. Anything that comes from the ego is the seven deadly sins. Here is how it goes:


The why makes one super proud of oneself. Makes one believe I am better than anyone else. I am above than anyone else. If you want the actual example of it look at Trump.


The why makes one acquire more, have more and possess more. It evokes greed. It’s like in George Monbiot article “One Rolex too short”. The egoistical why makes one greedy. And that’s not cool. There’s more problems than ‘it’s not cool’ but that’s another topic.


The why evokes anger if one is not going to agree with you, like you, love you and etc. The why creates inner anger, dissatisfaction and as a result disillusion. If things don’t go the way you want you set a world on war. Look at what Hitler did.


The why for individual use evokes envy too. Why am I not better than my friends? The why creates jealousy and misrepresentation of your own self. Because you are so disillusioned by your own self image so is the jealousy.


The egotistical why creates excess in everything. If you ever lived in London you’ll know binge culture is huge. It’s binge drinking, binge eating, binge sex and binge everything. It all comes from knowing the why, defining the why and living the why.


By defining your why one doesn’t want to work hard. Everyone wants to do nothing and wonder the world in idleness looking pretty. There’s no substance nor clear goals in life just pure drifting. Look at the Kardashinas.


The why feeds the animalistic desires. Sex, for example. London is famous for one night stands. Everyone is there for themselves and don’t care who or what one sleeps with.

This is the why that comes from ego. This is the why is used for personal use not companies or a business. That’s the why I am talking about. It’s real evil. Get away from it. It’s bad for you. It doesn’t let you shine your real light. The why used wrongly is trouble! It’s like trying to melt butter in a winter cold and still telling you it’s great. It distracts you from what is real and meaningful.

The big fundamental questions I have briefly touched on in my article was not enough. The questions such as ‘why do I exist’ or ‘why am I here’ or ‘what’s the meaning of life’ are super important. Let me be clear, these questions are not the same as the why I am talking about.

Why do I exist is important to answer. The answers are individual. For me, for instance, it’s to do the good. We are here for a limited period of time. Therefore, I make sure the life I lead has some impact. The impact that inspires at least one person. Makes somebody do something they wouldn’t otherwise. Create something that help others, improve education and etc. Whatever it is.

The why in the questions such as ‘why do I exist’ or ‘why do I do what I do’ are important and necessary for inner growth. These questions have got nothing to do with defining your why. These questions help you look deeper inside, create something, have meaningful conversations, write something from the soul.

One defines oneself by asking questions. What questions do you ask yourself? If you have big goals in life it’s got nothing to do with the why. The why throws you off track. The real ‘why do I exist’ is the one that keeps you straight. You don’t need another marketing nonsense it’s not for personal use.

Asking big questions, will lead you to big findings. Virginia Woolf asked big questions but never was trying to define her why. If we keep on defining our whys we will be trapped in an inner circle or nonsense and never see the day of light. Dr. Faustus had it all and yet he fell into a devil’s trap. Why? Because the knowledge and the science wasn’t enough. The ego will lead you astray so get rid of nonsensical why and ask questions that have some substance, meat and joy.

Our stories were patterned and circular, trapped in history. Unable to rise above a problem older than millennia our circular stories continued, trapped by the things we wouldn’t face.” Ben Okri

Don’t get sucked in into nonsensical marketing of the why. Be greater than that! Create your magic from your soul and heart. Defining the why is nonsense. Create something worth living for. Create something worth fighting for. Create something worth breathing for. The why will never get you to this place. However, the heart and soul will. Unleash your soul into the light and breath. Enjoy.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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