What the Virus is Creating for you and me

What can I do with all this time

So the fake life has been put on a hold…

Panic, fear and what am I going to do kicks in. How am I going to earn my living? How am going without this or that restaurant? How am I going to do my shopping?

Life as we knew it over.

Everything we could freely do without even thinking like going to a shop, restaurant, a run outside, meeting people up for a coffee is now not available. What do we do now?

Are we stuck?

When this virus first happened a feeling that comes all over must be denial. No, this cannot be true. This little sh*t cannot ruin my life! People tend to continue doing what they know best — be their old self and do the things one usually does. Go to a shop only to be told it’s closed. Go food shopping and find empty shelves (I haven’t really encountered that feeling yet myself).

Next, comes a realisation that this little thing called virus might affect me. I go and buy lots of stuff for my cupboards. A person who wouldn’t hoard things now becomes a hoarder. A cupboard becomes full of things one doesn’t even eat. It’s just ‘just in case’ mentality kicks in. Things I don’t need become vital ingredients in life.

Now what?

I cannot just sit at home and wait for things to change. I am going to do something I usually cannot do, for example, go outside and sunbathe in the park. Only to be kicked out by a police and told to stay at home. There I thought I can take advantage of working from home. I cannot just stay there all by myself, can I?

Yes, people can and people have done that and still doing it. Chinese, Iranians, Italians and Spanish so far. Other countries such as the US and UK still need to catch up because this little killer will not just stop. People need to take action and stay at home to ease the pressure of the medical staff and not die. People need to show their solidarity.

What depression?

Don’t give more excuses for those life coaches to control your life. Just because you cannot go to a park, restaurant or clothes shopping doesn’t mean your life ended. Life as we knew it is over but doesn’t mean you are depressed. Our current lives are the new normal now. The “new normal” will become our life soon.

We can spend more time with our family. Play games rather than sit on the phone and do nothing. For those who have gardens play badminton, tennis and any other ball/racket game. Table tennis too inside or outside. Play board games if you don’t have a garden. Work out at home. Eat healthier by making your own cakes, cupcakes, soups, stews and other creations.

In stillness we find movement

In silence we find voice. This time isn’t to hate, this time is to learn a life without distractions. The distractions of going shopping, spending money and just wasting time on things don’t matter. We can all read more, cook better and healthier. Connect with your loved one and spend that crucial time. Time is limited on this planet and no one ever knows how much time one has.

This time is God send and should be cherished. If you have children spend time with them, they grow up and you wish for the time when they were whatever the age. Spend time with your partner to learn more about them. People always complain there’s isn’t much time. Now it’s your time to do everything you don’t have time for.

Love and light!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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