When Social Media isn’t Right for Anyone

The subjects discussed on Social Media should be more valuable

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‘None of us realise how comforting the finiteness of our conditioned worldview is until it is wrenched away from us.’

William Whitecloud, The Last Shaman

This morning I’ve gone on Twitter. I was checking what’s going on. I follow writers, authors and a few blogger twitter handles. I was interested to see what people tweet for their blogpost. I was shocked to see how similar, or indeed, the same things people blog about. For instance, every other blog post is about beauty, fashion, travel and, of course, mental health.

Mental health has become so fashionable now same as self help books. The whole industry has shoot up. Now everyone has done some kind of coaching and are life coaches to help people find purpose, love, joy in life and etc. Are we all that lost? Do we need that many self help/mental health blogposts?

The other subject that has become almost fashionable to write about being gay and how families do not accept that. I feel like these topics are not giving me anything. I understand the struggles people might be going through. But we can’t all of us go through the same struggles at the same time, can we?

I understand writing about things that matter is important and some might benefit but when it becomes just about the same old thing. I want to tear my hair out. No one’s interested in “what’s in your bag” or where to do the nails, or indeed, what design of it. I couldn’t care less. I love beautiful hands but that’s not important enough to write about.

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I want to see how we can change the world while we are here. Why are we ‘boiling’ in our own juices? The world isn’t about you or me.

It’s all about what value you and me can add by being here.

It doesn’t matter what nails you’ve got right now. Actually it never matters. What matters is what manners you’ve got and whether or not the world is a better place because of your actions.

When I look for charities that would inspire me I always get discouraged. It’s one of the two either they don’t have much coverage on social media or if they do it’s nothing on it. How on earth am I suppose to get inspired? I understand there’s no resources and it’s all about help rather than talk about it. I am all for action too.

It’s disappointing and rather sad that we blog about ‘what’s in my bag’ or ‘where to buy next mascara from’. I do like to look pretty and have a nice make up but that’s not my life. I don’t care what brand is my mascara or my handbag. When I die will these things matter to me? No! Not even one bit I wouldn’t even think of it once.

Why do not people want to talk about the work they do to help others? There isn’t enough of it. However, there’s always one or another charity people ask to donate to. However, there’s no follow up. There’s no show on where the money has gone and how my donation impacted those in needed. That’s not the point of the charity, right?! As long as I give that’s all that matters.

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The whole charity and NGO business smells of something…. Poverty, Inc showed what’s behind it. Not that they don’t want to do good but there’s a lot of missing in the industry. Maybe I don’t know enough and I would love to be wrong. I wish someone told me I am wrong. I’d love to see that the money I donate was a huge help to someone.

We live in the world where the hair style, nails, make up and handbags are far more important to talk about on social media. If we live boiling in own juices what sort of future can we create?

The past is consumed in the present and the present is living only because it brings forth the future. James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artists as a Young Man

None of us is guaranteed tomorrow so why waste it on things like ‘what’s in my bag’, or nails, or hair? Does that help others? Social Media is a powerful tool why are we using to promote stuff that doesn’t matter? Why are we engaging in stuff like that?

We should use powerful tools to help others and create a better tomorrow not only for ourselves but for others too. We should understand that we get so much more including the lasting pleasure in life when we give to others. Kindness, amongst other things, is what is necessary in life.

I wish bloggers on twitter tweeted about how their blog post helped someone overcome x,y,z and not talk of ‘what’s in my bag’. I wish there were more people writing well on subjects that mattered. There’s a massive pool of writers out there! In the book of Utopia by Thomas More says:

‘Real pleasures they divided into two categories, mental and physical. Mental pleasures include the satisfaction that one gets from understanding something, or from contemplating the truth. They also include the memory of a well-spent life, and the confident expectation of good things to come.’

Maybe we should all be confident that there is a better tomorrow with brighter things to come. However, we have to create that. We have the power to create a better tomorrow so let’s do that.

Love and Light.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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