When Enjoying the Moment is Dangerous for you

Find the real magic within you

Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscribed

In one self place, but where we are are is hell,

And where hell is, there must we ever be.

And, to be short, when all the world dissolves,

And every creature shall be purified,

All places shall be hell that is not heaven. lines 115–120 p. 72

This quote is taken from one of my favourite books Christopher Marlowe Doctor Faustus!

A character Mephistopheles (devil) is tempting Faustus (the main character) to sign his soul to the devil. What a beautiful and sad metaphor…!

In today’s world we sign our souls to devil when we start drinking, gambling, get some sort of addiction that’s destructive. We spiral down to hell on earth.

We create hell on earth for ourselves.

Our “devil” and “hell” in today’s world is this as Russell Brand explains:

‘Consumerism is stimulus and response as a design for life. The very idea that you can somehow make your life all right by attaining primitive material goals — whether it’s getting the ideal relationship, the ideal job, a beautiful Berber rug or forty quids’ worth of smack — the underlying idea, ‘if I could just get X, Y, Z, I would be okay’, is consistent and it is quite wrong.’

We have so many temptations in life. Now we have shopaholics, alcoholics, drug addition, sex addiction, so many other addictions. For one reason or another we think it’s ok to do it once, second time a third time by fourth time a person is hooked. Or I don’t know how long it takes to get hooked. I cannot imagine the pain one can go through to try and stop or continue.

Russell Brand wrote a book called Recovery free from addiction. He is today’s good “Dr. Faustus” who didn’t ‘sell’ his soul to the devil. He is a great example how anyone can get out of the rut and change their life. He has freed himself from his addictions he turned a corner and created a completely different life for himself. If he can do it so can others!

“Do you have that sense that something is missing? A feeling in your gut that you are not good enough? That if you tick off some action, whether it’s eating a Twix, buying some shoes, smoking a joint or getting a good job, you will feel better? If you do, it’s hardly surprising because we live in an age of addiction, where addictive thinking has become almost totally immersive.” Russell Brand Recovery

We have good and bad ‘angels’ too. Sometimes you might think to yourself ‘what on earth am I doing?’ ‘I should stop’ but then temptation comes along and the legs get weak… Sometimes the temptation is so strong no other consideration comes to mind than just enjoyment of the moment. It’s a dangerous road for anyone to be on.

I’ve never had an addictive personality — lucky me! However, I’ve seen other people get hooked on alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol kills people. I know someone who drank herself to death. She had a serious liver issues. A doctor told her if she drinks she’ll die. She didn’t believe it and ended up dead. There’s no way back when this happens. Why do we not listen to the voice of reason?

Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscribed’ well said indeed. However, it’s our choice. We choose what we have and what we live with. If you choose to go on bad path get out of it as soon as you can.

Life is a choice nothing else.

We create our own circumstances in life. We create our own lives. The choice you make today will impact your tomorrow. We form habits. Those habits become our way of life which will become our history. Do you want to be a history of an addiction of some kind? Do you want to be tempted by ‘the devil’ and live your life by ‘devil’s rules’?

Do you know what happened to Dr. Faustus in the book? If you don’t know it’s a spoiler alert. He signs his soul to the devil and goes to hell. He didn’t believe in hell. In the book he is a learned man he knows astrology, history, maths and all the subjects. He wanted more from life. He wanted magic or what he couldn’t get through science.

It turns out there’s no real magic apart from the magic you create in your life. When Dr. Faustus signed his soul to the devil he couldn’t even get married because god blesses the marriage. Hell cannot bless the marriage. Don’t look for magic outside of you look for magic inside of you. Don’t go outside to find whatever it is you are looking for. It’s going to cause pain not joy.

‘Pain is what holds us in the world of waking. Suffering is what happens when we do not understand the purpose of our pain.’ William Whitecloud The Last Shaman

Go inwards and learn how magical your life can be without addictions, without hell, without bad influences. Create not deconstruct yourself on daily basis on things that destroy your soul. Create the life you want to live! Create yourself how you want to be. Do things that makes you happy not destroy you. You are the creator of your own life.

Definition creates reality’ as William Witecloud says so define your reality the way you want. Make something out of it not destroy it. Don’t die like someone I knew who drank herself to death. Live a life worth living. Leave a legacy behind whatever that may be.

Do some good and see how amazing you feel. If you want to be addicted to something be addicted to kindness. Life is what you make it, make choice that makes your heart sing.

Love and Light.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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