What’s it Like Around Spain in a Coronavirus Time..?

Malaga without tourists

Right now in any Southern European country is hot hot hot hot. It is August after all!

However, we went on our first after lockdown trip as soon as we could. We felt our feet itch just a little bit. We missed the flamenco induced drinks and the southern taste in the tapas.

Spain is deserted.

I assume like any other country that used to have many tourists all year around. The UK tourists can no longer travel to Spain for their planned holiday because of coronavirus quarantine. This has been imposed in the UK since 26th July 2020.

Who knows how long it’s going to last? Maybe straight after the holiday season ends? It’s not funny but, hey, if you cannot laugh what’s left?

Malaga right now is amazing. No tourists. Ok a few. Mainly Northern European tourists and some Russians. It’s nothing like when you have massive tourists scrolling the streets and I cannot get through.

Barcelona, right now is empty. The famous street of Las Ramblas is deserted. Everyone who’s depended on the tourism in Spain is suffering. We’ve got re-think the way we live. However, that’s for another blog post.

Tourism around the world has changed over night. It’s not only Spain feel lack of tourism but also Thailand, Italy and many other warm countries.

What’s it like in Spain right now? AMAZING! Spanish coastal towns are full of Spanish. Spain is for Spanish right now. I love hearing Spanish in the restaurants rather than tourists.

No noisy drunk English and Northern European tourists which in turn make it peaceful in Spain. I love Malaga right now. It’s chilled, relaxed and civilised even after midnight. Living in Spain I realise what a civilised night out is.

Spending so many years in the UK, seeing drunk people falling over, men unconscious on the streets; the girls not wearing any shoes and vomiting their guts out on the corner somehow makes me believe it’s an uncivilised behaviour. I have never seen such behaviour from the Spanish in Spain.

It really is a bliss without the tourists particularly without the English. Their behaviour abroad doesn’t do them any justice. Anyway, Spain right now is lovely. The beaches are half full. There’s plenty of space to sunbathe. The water is clean.

The restaurants are great. However, some restaurants I’ve got to wait for a bit to get a table but it’s totally worth it. Not every restaurant is good and there’s a trick on how to choose a good restaurant but that’s for another blog post.

I wish everyone could share the same sun, sea and the palm trees. I wish everyone had all the sun and amazing tapas with a bit of sangria. This virus have changed us but hopefully for the better and brighter future.

Love and Light!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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