What Writing Every Day for 30 Days Taught me

Dreams do come true — keep writing

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I have written for 30 days every day. Today is the last writing piece for the challenge of #30posts30days. In all my life I haven’t written every day for a set period of time. I wanted to but never managed to for one reason or the other. There’s always excuses not to do something. There will always be excuses not to do things.

However, you have to make a choice and know where you are heading. I loved writing every day even though it is a challenge. I have learned a few things along the way. You want to be the best at something — do that thing every day. For instance, you want to be good at yoga do it every day. You want to have a better body shape exercise every day.

You want to be the best the writer — write. You want to learn to speak another language — speak it. Simple. It’s hard to do simple things because we always think there’s some kind magic formula that would give us what we want. For example, if I want to lose weight it’s not enough to just exercise.

We look for expensive personal trainers, nutritionists to tell us what to eat and join weird programmes that destroy our bodies in a long run. The solution is always simple. Move your body and eat healthy. Ok, there might be exceptions but most of the time that’s it. There’s never a magic formula in achieving something.

I know for sure what always works and you can call it “magic formula” if you like. It’s called hard work. Hard work always pays! If I want to lose weight I exercise. If I want to write I write. If I want to be great at yoga I do it every day. It requires commitment, determination and hard work. That’s it. With this combination you can achieve anything you want.

Of course, you have to have the basics right. You have to have a roof over your head. You have to have food. You have to sleep well. Simple things such as these easy to do but it’s also simple not to do them. If I am not feeling well I cannot do any of the things I want. To turn your dreams into a reality requires focus and hard work.

You’ve got to create a space for yourself to work for your dreams. My husband always want to have a desk to work on at home. At first I didn’t see the point. Now I understand. You have to create a space for yourself to create whatever that it is that you want to create. You’ve got to have a good working spot and it can be a library, a coffee shop or a desk at home.

It’s a place where you write, design, draw or whatever it is but it’s your spot to “work”. When I was little I had a desk. I always did my homework there. I read my books. I wrote. I studied. It was my spot to grow and learn. When I grew up I forgot how important it is to have a desk to write. A spot for me to sit. It’s like going to work every day.

I get up, do my usual for getting ready and get to work. It’s a ritual if you like. We do it with our jobs. So why not do it for our dreams? Simple things such as give yourself a place to work at. It’s the same as creating time for exercise. Life is pretty simple. We tend to get lost along the way. It’s part of life. We need to get lost to find the way back to our hearts.

Get the simple things right and you’ll be able to build your dreams on the strong foundation you set. Anything you want you can have it. If I can write every day for 30 days so can you. All you do is set your mind to it and get to work. If you can dream it you can create and have it. Dreams do come true with one condition — hard work!

I will continue writing every day as many wonderful writers do. You’ve got to keep writing in order to progress. The more you create the more there’s to learn and grow. There’s always another book, article or commentary to write. Keep up the hard work and keep dreaming.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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