What Travel will Look like after Coronavirus…?

The future of travel, will we ever be back ‘normal’? I hope not.

Everyone loves to travel!


The only travel I did when I was growing up is getting into the car and drive to the seaside to spend the summer. Travel may have seemed unattainable for a few for a while. However, with flights being cheap sometimes even cheaper than a train ticket in the UK, it’s become accessible to everyone.

When I first moved to the UK, now 15 years ago, I’d hear how everyone loves to ski in France, go for a romantic holiday in Italy, spend a weekend in Paris and one day sell the house and travel the world. I don’t know anyone who actually did sell their house and went travelling. I am sure there’s plenty of people who had done it.

It’s fashionable to be a travel blogger and travel the world. Now there’s food travellers around the world. Solo travellers. Couple travellers you take a pick…there’s so many. Many bloggers such as Eva Zu Beck, Drew Binksy, Mark Weins and many others discover countries we wouldn’t think of going such as Pakistan, Iran and many other places.

Travelling is seen as ‘glamorous’ learning about cultures, people and life. ‘Travel is always more glamours in hindsight’ someone once said. I would agree. My husband and have done enough travels in remote Morocco.

All of this travel was before coronavirus hit the world. We could freely travel anywhere and everywhere. Nobody knows the future of travel right now. However, there’s a few that predict the travel will never be same.

What will happen to air travel?

Many airlines are in trouble, in fact, all of them are! No airline is safe but will they survive this virus? They must do, right?! We will air travel again maybe at a much smaller scale than before which is great for the environment. However, airplanes will not stop. It’s a worry though which airlines will survive and which will go under.

The global airline industry has never had it so bad. Not even after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Airlines Most in Danger in Going Under During the Crisis

We all know this virus will change the airlines and it will change how we travel. We will be, for sure, more cautious before we travel. We will be asking questions such as ‘Are we going to be safe?’, ‘Will we be able to come back?’, ‘If cancelled will we get our money back?

Nothing will be ‘normal’ as it was before but we got used to the new normal after 9/11 attacks so we will after this virus too. Nothing lasts forever and this shall too pass. We all know that.

‘A very influential paper from Imperial College London speculates that governments will need to turn lockdown measures on and off in order to keep demands on healthcare systems at a manageable level.’ You will travel after Covid-19 but it won’t be the same

This virus will last longer than we think. If we believe Imperial College London research, we will need that vaccine to fight the virus for all of us. Air travel will take time to get back to ‘normal’ but was the travel before the virus normal? The planet was suffering from the emissions. People would just get on a plane for an hour’s meeting. Is that normal?

That type of travel I wouldn’t call normal travel. I would call this excessive and unnecessary. Business trips that had been taken by many will now be only an essential business travel. Whatever that may mean or look like. I’d like to believe one hour meetings wouldn’t be considered as an essential meeting for travel.

I’d like to believe after the virus there will be a lot more video conferencing instead. Safer to the planet and less money spent.

Domestic travel will increase

People will want to have a holiday but not how it used to be. People won’t just get on the plane for a long weekend or even a week anymore. Safety will be first. Travelling around the the country one lives will be more popular at first. It will be a lot more ‘look what’s next door to us’ rather than a beach holiday in Italy.

It will be more local travel. The town next to you will have more visitors. This will increase the local ‘market’. The neighbouring towns will be far more attractive to visit and spend time. People will feel safe and in control. No one will have to depend on the air planes. The local arts and crafts will increase in sales as it will be the ‘local gift’.

Photo by Paul on Unsplash

Train travel will increase

We will use more trains than planes to start with. Trains are spacious. Better for the environment and one can hop on and off as and when one wants. Trains will be the new ‘fast’ way of getting to a new adventurous destination. Train travel will be a lot safer and feel ‘closer to home’.

Trains have less restrictions compared to air travel. Train travel goes hand in hand with domestic travels as it doesn’t require crossing the boarder. Trains can be used for abroad travel too. I’d argue it’s more comfortable than planes too.

Road trips will be fashionable

My husband and I are fans of road trips. We’ve have done a few. In Morocco twice and many many times in Spain. Usually we travel down to South of Spain to enjoy the beauty of the country. This way of travel is wonderful. You are in control. You’ve got your own car or one can rent a car. Put anything you like in it and hit the road.

You have the freedom of stopping as often or as little as possible. You can change your plan on the road. There’s plenty of flexibility and choice. You see a lot more of the country being on the road. You see more of the nature around you. You learn not only about yourself but also a person you are travelling with. My husband and I have had the most amazing time being on the road.

Travel will not stop. People will still want to travel even after the virus. It will be a different travel with a lot more caution but we will get used to it. Like we did after 9/11 attacks. I remember how we said what a pain to travel with restrictions of water but we all travelled just fine we just got used to it.

Life as we knew it is over but we have (hopefully) tomorrow to look forward to. This virus has made me question everything we do, but the way my husband and I travelled before the virus, will still be very much our preferred option of travel anyway. I do hope this virus hasn’t affected your plans of travel.

Even the plans had to be re-arranged I trust it will all work out in the end. Let’s hope better tomorrow is on the horizon.

Love and Light.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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