Want to be consistent — here is a ‘how to guide’

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It’s all about consistency no matter what you do. It’s annoying that fit people at the gym tell you that. If you want to lose weight you have to be consistent and alternate the days with your exercise. You must eat good food every day. If you want to be a writer, write every day not only your book but also blog posts. Seriously madness! If you want to see the acupuncture results you must be consistent by having it all the time. It’s obvious — you have to be consistent. However, how can you keep up with being consistent if you have a life, right? Life is already busy by being good at the job, seeing friends and having a boyfriend or girlfriend. How can you ever fit anything in and be consistent? Here is a how to guide to be consistent whatever you set out to do:

Decide what’s important and set priorities

Instead of browsing Facebook and Instagram set that time to write, go and see acupuncturist, or exercise or mediate. You will see that most things don’t take that long and you’ve done something for yourself that actually helps you. Whilst I understand that going to see an acupuncturist may not seem as quick as browsing Facebook and Instagram, but think about it, how many minutes or hours you spent on it in a day and you will see where your time goes! Set your priorities and time for it. Once you’ve scheduled your priorities it will become like a second nature once it’s your daily/weekly/monthly thing. The sun always rises and the sun always sets. So it’s possible for you to do something that you always do to be healthier, happier and consistent.

It doesn’t take that long

Once you actually get to the gym you realise it’s much quicker than you thought. You can exercise at home — the result is even faster. All it takes is putting some gym gear on and stepping outside the door. Go for a run and you know what, it’s doesn’t cost anything! If you can’t or don’t like the outside just go on youtube and type in any exercise you wish. You are set to go. Fifteen minutes that’s all it takes to get your heart pumping and you are done for the day! It really is easier and faster than you think. It doesn’t disturb your busy schedule at all.

Don’t scream to the world you’ve done it

I know you want to share that you’ve gone to the gym or got that diet started and want to share your progress. Yes, that’s great but don’t scream it to the world about it until at least you’ve done it for three, six months or a year. This will keep you going for a lot longer and will give you time to gather all the experience. The longer you do something the more time you have to learn about it no matter what that is exercise, writing a book or blog, eating well and etc. You will have “consumed” all the experience that it takes to be consistent. All good things take time and effort! There’s no finish line so don’t rush.

Record your experience.

Take photos, write about it, or just jot ideas down, feelings, emotions, friendships, hardships or whatever. This will allow you to see your progress and you can use this as your reference point in sharing your experience later. It will show you how much you’ve achieved in that period of time. It is crucial to see your starting point, the journey and the result. It gives you a sense of achievement and you’ve learned something along the way. It’s a summary of everything you’ve experienced.

Share your experience

It’s as important to share your experience as being quiet when you start. Why share it? Because someone else is going through it and would appreciate your advice. Your journey matters. You never know what you’ve become once you’ve finished your own challenge. You may want to change your career, you may want to move to another country. Who knows but by sharing and talking about it — it grounds you and makes you move forward.

Consistency is key

There’s probably more steps to take, however, if you just follow these will not only show how consistent you can be but also how to actually achieve what you set out to achieve. Consistency is key in everything that you do. Willpower fails but if you do it in an obtrusive way and fits with your schedule you will get the results. You can argue that it doesn’t fit your schedule then you have to ask yourself do I really want to do it? Is this what I want?

Go and make it happen!



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Erika Chaudhary

Erika Chaudhary

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary