Untold Secrets of Barcelona you Need to Know

Undiscovered Barcelona and secrets from those who live there

I know travel with coronavirus isn’t going to be back to ‘normal’ for a while. However, the world’s normal wasn’t really helping the environment. Travel will definitely be in peoples’ lives and it will not stop. It will change but people will still travel.

I wrote about new way of travel. Travel post coronavirus and how different it will be. I might be wrong. Everything might just go back how it used to be. Who knows…?

I’ve lived in Barcelona for a while. I have discovered a few secrets. However, when I spoke about it no-one knew it existed. Barcelona is known for parties and a great city for stag and hen dos. However, I know a very different kind of Barcelona because I live there.

Barcelona is an attractive city because of its geographical location and what it has to offer. It’s one of the European cities with a beach. It’s the city with a vibrant night life and mediterranean weather. It’s got the iconic La Sagrada de Familia, Casa Batllo (my husband said it looks like a toilet because it’s all tiled!) and many more Gaudi buildings.

However, Barcelona my husband and I know is bit different to the usual night life, city life and the expected hustle and bustle of the city. We have a car so we get around and in and out of Barcelona. We get to see a bigger picture not just the actual city. It’s important to know/see what’s right next to it or what’s part of Barcelona not everyone gets to see.

Horses & Nature

There are beautiful horse riding clubs in Barcelona. Barcelona has an amazing nature, hence, many horse clubs. Horse riding in Barcelona is spectacular! If you get to a horse riding club and get to ride horses you’ll be blown away! You’ll meet the happiest horses on the planet. You’ll ride with the view that will take your breath away and you’ll never forget the experience.

My first ever weekend in Barcelona was horse riding. I still talk about that weekend even three years later. The nature, the mountains, the horses, the people, the weather and the food is out of this world. The nature around Barcelona is spectacular. There are beautiful mountains and the walks are just breathtaking.

There’s a 10k walk in the mountain in Barcelona. What an amazing city to have that!!!! That’s one of the reasons Barcelona takes a first place for me to live there. I can just go for a walk in actual real nature living in a city. It has clean air because of the mountains and the sea.


Barcelona is a unique city because it has a beach. Barceloneta is the area where people access the beach. There’s a well known W hotel on the beach in Barceloneta. You are guaranteed great seafood in that area. However, in the whole of Barcelona you’ll find the best seafood. However, nearer the sea the fresher as they say.

My husband and I discovered some amazing beaches near Barcelona. You’ve got to have a car. You cannot have the best beach in the actual town…? 40 min in the car and you’ll be spoiled for choice of beaches. We usually go to Sant Pol de Mar because the water is super clean and the beach is fabulous. We also like a beach 20 min away called Gava.

This is the second best thing in Barcelona. You’ve got the sea. I love the sea so much. I grew up spending summers by the Baltic sea. Therefore, the sea has a special place in my heart. I love to do snorkelling too. Sant Pol de Mar beach is amazing for snorkelling. However, if one is to drive a bit further up one will not be disappointed with beach choices. In a nutshell, you’ll love the beaches there.


Barcelona is amazing for shopping! I am not big on shopping. I always find it boring and I get tired quickly. Definitely not a woman’s ‘symptoms’ when it comes to shopping. My husband introduced and showed me amazing shops for everything. I am talking about small boutique shops with amazing choices for clothes, handbags and the whole shopping thing.

Barcelona city has amazing shops. However, there’s a secret place for shopping we like to go to. It’s a town called Sitges. Sitges is an amazing town for shopping. It’s tiny bendy streets will lead you to fascinating places. I’ve purchased some amazing handbags, dresses and clothes from those tiny boutique shops.

The quality is amazing too! There’s a variety of price sensitive and expensive clothing. It’s unique too there aren’t many items of the same dress.


Barcelona is amazing for restaurants! Food in Spain is spectacular. One of the reasons food is from Spain so it’s fresh. There’s no GMO, no artificial stuff and no bad stuff, unless of course, you want it so I am sure you’ll find it. My husband and I found some spectacular restaurants with the most breathtaking views.

One of them is Can Cortes it’s not in Barcelona city it’s about 15 min drive up the mountain in Barcelona. Amazing views, food and people. There are a few places where my husband and I go to watch the sun go down. We’d order a sangria and chat until the sky is dotted with the stars. We call it our secret place to see amazing sunsets and it’s called Mirabe. There’s an amazing restaurant and a bar.

There’s one restaurant you cannot book a table you’ve got to queue up. It’s a Spanish tapas place. The tapas have a modern twist, for example, seabass with strawberry. It’s one of my favourites! Amazing octopus dishes…whatever you pick in that place you won’t be disappointed. It’s called La Pepita.

No one can go wrong with Barcelona. The vibe of the city is cool, the weather is great, the food is fantastic, the people are lovely and the city is just amazing. There’s political issues, there’s coronavirus and there’s terrible stag and hen dos I cannot stand. Despite all of this, Barcelona to me is the best city in Europe to live. My husband chose Barcelona city and I fell in love with it.

If you do travel to Barcelona do let me know I’d be glad to give more recommendations of restaurants, places to go to and enjoy this beautiful city.

Love and Light!

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