Today’s Apocalypse — The not Brave World

Corona virus and its affect so far…

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…..While others talked of the razor wire wrapped around their souls, or staring out the window with a being expression that showed no trace of desire, remorse, impatience, or resignation, just temporary abeyance, like a person waiting for the ends on an invisible clock to reach an appointed time…. James Lee Burke

I feel like we’ve reached this weird apocalypse. This virus business is serious. There’s so many deaths around the world and we have no cure. It’s like living in a world with a weird army from another planet and we have no army to protect ourselves. It’s like reading one of the science fiction novels that I never liked.

I cannot believe in 2020 the food shelves are empty in the UK. I live in Spain and I haven’t seen an empty shop shelves myself yet. We have been in a lockdown for over a week already. People are dying. Other countries like the because they haven’t reached over thousands of deaths. When will they take it seriously? What does it need to happen?

I cannot believe a life in the UK isn’t valued. People who continuously go out don’t value human lives. It’s sad to see in today’s world. One would think that people had been through wars would understand the value of a life but it doesn’t seem the penny has dropped yet. I am mad with anger to see the UK doesn’t care about its elders and people.

What can one do? I see posts on social media people begging others to stay at home. Some people are furious with seeing so many cars and people walking around in the streets. If people are panicking they should stay at home instead of hoarding food. Food is the least of your worries right now. Virus is. How many deaths does one need for it to be serious?

The Us is catching up with it but still it’s not enough same like in the UK people are wondering around for no actual reason. People doesn’t get that this virus is serious it brings death. What part of death people in the UK or US or Australia or anywhere else where people wonder around do they not get? It’s sad to see the world is full of ignorant and selfish people.

I want to believe I am wrong and it’s yesterday’s press but as soon as I read a bit of news it tells me I am not wrong. I cannot believe people are so selfish. I knew it but I had flicker of hope they are not. I am sad because some families don’t get it this virus is serious. The elders have to be isolated from the children doesn’t matter their age.

Why is this so difficult to understand? What part is difficult to understand? What’s not clear about it? Stay at home! Even if you don’t see anyone else around stay at home. Even if you have the whole village for yourself stay at home. Show solidarity, show respect, show that you care who cannot leave the house. Show that you understand and are here to help not to harm by going out.

Please people stay safe and healthy at home.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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