The Why is the Internal Devil — Get rid of it!

I am shocked every time I hear someone saying to me: ‘I need to know my why’.

I always ask: ‘Why?’

The origin of the why comes from marketing. Marketing experts will always ask a company or an individual running a business what’s their why. That’s legitimate. Because marketing teaches one to understand the why. From knowing the why, the marketers build a value proposition and then a strategy, brand, communications and so on.

It’s a technique used by marketers to help market a company or business. Some of the greatest companies on the planet don’t know their why. However, now it’s popular to talk about the why. Most companies will spend time thinking of their why and then motivate their employees with it and create a marketing strategy.

I understand from a marketing perspective and running a company one would need their why because they are running a business. Do you know what happens when a person defines their why? Look at what Hitler did. Think of Spanish Inquisition. Crusades. Currently, the leader of the first world takes away children from their families. You certainly don’t need the why because that’s what happens when you start defining your why. People become devils because your why is a disruptive evil. It’s an ego that’s made to destroy anything good around you.

I never understood why would a person need a why. Honestly I don’t get it. I never did. I probably never will. You can ask yourself ‘why do I exist?’ What’s a purpose of life? Big questions. Answers are individual. I used to ask those questions when I was a teenager. I read many philosophical books such as Niezche, Camus, Satre, Van Gogh and etc as a result. I never got the answer.

A friend of mine once told me stop looking for an answer of the meaning of life. Just enjoy life, make the most of it, be kind to others and don’t create war. She was older than me and had, what I thought, achieved a lot in life. She was a woman of her own right. Free, beautiful and had a house and a two seater BMW. I am not good with cars I am not entirely sure it was a BMW. It made sense what she said. I relaxed into life. I want to create something great and I am working on it.

The more I live the more I realise life is simple. I am given a life and I shall make the most of it. Why complicate it? Why bother my head with the why? What’s the point? You only stress yourself out by trying to figure out your why. Isn’t stressful to know your why? You have to understand what you are doing all the time. Analyse your actions and then stop and think does this align with my why? Should I go to my friend’s party? Oh no, it doesn’t align with my why. I shall not go.

Life doesn’t need the why. Life just is. A human being is a creator of his/her own world. However, by cramping your head with the stupid why you will never get anywhere. The why for a personal use (not a company) is never a good idea. Humans don’t have the why.

Everyone came to this world by choice. If you want to cramp your head with the why and live in a bubble of your own juice, which over time start to stink. Then the why might be useful on a day-to-day basis. No-one can stand their own juice for too long. They have to create a reason for their why. Because there’s nothing else in their little world to do.

It’s ridiculous. The why is a trendy thing. What it does to you is stress you out and you have little results from it. If one stops looking into themselves then one will see there’s more to life than their whys. It’s not about you anyway. Your whys don’t matter in a big scheme of things. If you believe in God, do you think God had his why? No religious “leader” had his why. I don’t know what anyone believes in and it actually doesn’t matter. Because no God, no matter religion, had their why.

Do you think Virginia Woolf knew her why? Do you think James Joyce knew his? Ok, maybe twentieth century literature isn’t a great example. How about Mohammed Ali? He didn’t even care about his why! Ernest Hemingway didn’t care about his why either. Why then in twenty-first century we are obsessed knowing our whys?

Free yourself from the chains of the why stop thinking about it. Become your true self being without the why and see the magic happen. Do you think Christopher Marlow, who wrote one of the greatest pieces of sixteen century called “Dr. Faustus” knew his why? He elaborately talks about seven deadly sins, which to me, is the why. Get rid of it and make yourself magical, full of love, amazing human being that you are.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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