The Whiskey of Morocco

Erika Chaudhary
4 min readDec 21, 2018

People don’t drink here (Morocco) as much or not at all! Surprise to the Western world, isn’t it? While December month in the Western world is to drink yourself to the oblivion with the Christmas parties, here in Marrakesh, people are awake to their senses and drink tea “the Whiskey of Morocco”.

Moroccan tea is the essence of life.

Living in London you might think it’s ok to drink almost every night and soothe yourself to sleep in other parts of the world, it doesn’t even cross peoples’ minds. We had dinner with the Moroccans and some of them had freshly squeezed juice and water for a drink. No alcohol was mentioned! We had an amazing time!

When you don’t spend time drinking yourself to a ridiculous stage and then recovering you actually have time to create and do something with your life. You don’t have to be a corporate world slave. You don’t have to be like the rest walking dead on the streets of London. You can make something of yourself if you stop and think.

Horses in Marrakesh

My husband and I love horses. We have a horse in Barcelona in one of the prettiest locations! We are spoiled with good teachers and breathtaking mountain views. In Marrakesh, you can ride horses, camels and do all sorts of things. We decided to ride horses. In Marrakesh, the horse club we found is run by a French lady.

She seems to know everything about Marrakesh and has her fingers in many pies. She sells the property, tourists trips, hamaman and so on. The horse club was tiny. The horses are well looked after and beautiful. The stables are clean and well kept. The horses are happy but it wasn’t our club in Barcelona where there is a special vibe of the club in the mountains.

Maybe it made us miss our own horse more and the club where we usually ride. However, it’s a great place to ride a horse. The lessons are 45min which are finished with the little walk among the palm trees. We were lucky to catch the sunset. It was beautiful. The location of this tiny yet charming club is perfectly located from the busy Marrakesh centre.

I had a problem because I don’t speak French nor Arabic the teacher spoke no English. By the end of the lesson, I felt I can speak French.



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