The Most Iconic Leaders in the Time of the Pandemic

Inspiring peoples’ actions and a beacon of hope

We find ourselves in the horrific pandemic today and drowsy days lulls us into a sleep of ludicrous suggestions of injecting bleach into our bodies. Is there hope in the world at all? As the mind wearies in the lockdown, the temptation is to simplify and move on. However, how can we? As James Lee Burke in The New Iberia Blues says:

‘The collective consciousness does not like detail and complexity’.

I am not a person that knows a lot about politics. I studied English Literature! What do I know?! However, even a person like me can recognise inspiring people. Those people happen to be iconic leaders. In the world where we have idiots ruling; an idiot in the White House and that idiot in the UK, everyone needs a beacon of hope.

Should we let the idiots die inside their own flame? Or let them ‘rule’, tell us lies and hurt the fellow human beings…? James Lee Burke, in his book of The New Iberia Blues describes really well:

‘I was tired of greed in particular and the ostentatious display of wealth that characterises our times, and the justifications for despoiling the earth and injuring the fellow man.’

Currently the world doesn’t seem to be a happy place, or indeed, moving forwards. My beacons of hope are the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

Jacinda Ardern
Imran Khan

The Pandemic of the covid-19

The virus is unprecedented, and for sure, it has thrown a few politicians off the rails. Because of this every country has to deal with it. Every country seem to have their own ways of dealing with it too. For example, the US is a circus show on TV! Trump attacks journalists for asking legitimate questions. Boris Johnson, talks to the experts and does what benefits the economy.

Brazil tends to ignore the whole thing all together. In India people are in a lockdown and they get beaten up for going out. Germany, on the other hand, has dealt well with the situation. However, the top place goes to Jacinda Arden the New Zealand Prime Minister. Why? Because she did the testing. The result, low death rate or indeed minimal.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has a difficult task. He cannot just shut down the country as a rich country would, for example, the UK because people will be either dying from coronavirus or hunger.

Imran Khan has set a donation website to help the people of Pakistan and initiated a social media blitz for all those outside of the country to give generously. He also opened a few key sectors so some work can carry on and not send the country into the hunger’s jaws.

Portugal is another great example of how shutting down the country early can lead to low number of deaths. Every country is different and has its own challenges. How one deals with it shows a true character.

Care for the People

Showing care for the people and making a country a better place is every leader’s job. Jacinda Ardern has shown an incredible care not only when the disaster of the covid-19 struck but also when a mosque was attacked and killed many Muslims. Her way of dealing with it was humane, sincere and it should be a norm in the world but it’s rare!

‘Comforting because here, for once, was a normal human reaction; not robotic or platitudinous, not scripted or insincere. She hugged Muslim men, just as she did women, with a comfort that betrayed no self-consciousness.’ from The Guardian

Seeing Jacinda Ardern’s sympathy and emotion brought tears to my eyes. We are all the same! There is no difference between us whether someone is a Muslim or Christian, black or white. Her actions showed exactly that.

Imran Khan opened a Sikh temple for the people of India. He sat on the floor same as Sikhs and covered his head out of respect. Same as Ardern did when a tragedy struck the Muslim community. We are all the same people despite our religious beliefs. We should be more loving and caring towards one another and the leaders like Imran Khan and Jacinda Ardern are showing the way.

These are only few examples of the inspiring leaders there are many more inspiring actions of these leaders. We should know what’s good in the world. We should know that every morning is a great gift and is a blessing. We shouldn’t make a habit of letting the world go we should create the world a better place for all.

We should all see the truth and the goodness of the leaders who truly want to change the world for better. Less cynicism and more kindness because kindness always pays.

Let’s spread more love, care and understanding around the world. Let’s help the inspiring leaders to create a better world. Let’s believe we can change the world and be better and kinder.

Love and Light!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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