Religion doesn’t Have to be Avoided in Discussions

Erika Chaudhary
7 min readMay 24, 2021

Thoughts of a total newbie on Islam

Usually, people avoid discussing politics, religion and money, sometimes even within the same family. I understand why. I am not well versed in politics nor religion. Money, well, I am not interested in anyone’s wealth.

I am more interested in the wealth of your soul.

Since Ramadan this year I have been reading the Holy Quran. It naturally made me think more about religion. Let me be clear I know nothing about Islam. I am a total newbie. I reverted to Islam before I got married four years ago and thought nothing of it. A few years later, I started to learn more about Islam. I joined an amazing Muslim Women Group who are part of the London Central Mosque.

Those women are incredible and what they’ve gone through to find Islam. They have some fascinating stories and their journeys to Islam. I love hearing their stories. Those stories are inspiring me to write more about Islam. The conversations about religion always need to be taken lightly because they can offend or disappoint someone.

Hope to offer an angle that evokes questions that promotes learning and knowledge. All answers can be found in the Holy Quran if one has an open heart. The Holy Quran offers the truth and a way of life for humankind. Religion shouldn’t be a point of push back it should be a point for all to intelligently discuss various points of views and engage in a conversation with an open heart and mind.

First and foremost let me ask you very simple three questions, imagine you are on a train:


Where did the train come from?


Why are you on this train?


Where this train is going?

These questions were asked by a Muslim to a group of atheist. It was fascinating to watch the conversation. Not only because the answers were not given but also to see what the response would be.

How did we end up here?

If you don’t believe in any religion, how can you explain a day and night is possible?



Erika Chaudhary

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