Powerful Lessons of Reading you Need to Know

How reading can change your life

I’ve read all my life. My cousin and I used to compete with each other who’s going to finish the reading list for the summer given by the school. You’d think we were nerds. We totally weren’t. We just loved reading. I don’t even know how we got into reading so much. Or maybe we loved to get through the reading list so we can do whatever we wanted for the rest of the summer..?

However, this behaviour which was every summer for our school life made sure we read. I don’t know many kids today that read a lot. It’s all about electronic devices and gadgets that teach kids to learn. I love the good old fashioned reading a book. Maybe I love reading so much because my mum read a story every night before bed….?

The stories she’d read I still remember them now. What a powerful time spent with a parent! Maybe that’s why I love books so much.

Reading opens your mind

When you read you are no longer in just one dimensional world. Reading gives you another perspective, another point of view, another way of seeing the world. It shows you another way of being, and learning, and creating. It shows there’s another world with other problems other ways of living and learning.

It’s not just you in the world. There’s a whole world out there with many live’s trials and tribulations. It shows you how others live and create. It teaches you about others. Life is not just about you. Reading authors from other continents opens the world about their life. It enriches your life with their knowledge.

Reading makes you feel you are not alone

When I was a teenager I used to think I’m the only one with my ‘problems’ but when I picked up a book I’ve realised my life is amazing and I am not alone. I’d often think others are a lot worse than me. This would give me ideas of how I could help others or create something that would be beneficial for others not just me.

It showed me there are a lot more people in the world with more needs than me. It taught me empathy and sympathy just from reading a book. I felt connected with the world because I was reading someone’s story and about their life. You have a very limited view if you don’t read but if you pick up a book suddenly the whole new world is right in front of you.

Reading opens possibilities

When you read an inspiring story about someone or something you think you could do your project, your book, your new business. It encourages you to be better by creating something of your own. It shows it’s possible to do because someone else have done it. I love reading success stories of people who achieved what they’ve dreamed for years.

This makes me so happy because I know it’s possible for me too. Reading books shows what possibilities are and they are endless. People are inspiring around the world. You wouldn’t know about them if you didn’t pick up a book. You wouldn’t understand their struggles if you never read. You learn from their life so you don’t make the same mistakes. It’s your opportunity to be learn from people.

Reading opens up your imagination

When I was little reading was essential for the imaginary world. I really do believe every word that’s written and I see it. I believe it. Probably that’s why I cannot watch the horror films. I believe it so much. I cannot sleep after a horror film. I do not watch those types of films. My imagination goes through the roof.

Reading is powerful, magical and inspirational. Read more and then do more. You’ll see how quickly you’ll become a book worm. I did a degree in English Literature because I love reading books…! I wanted to read and write more. When that degree ended I was crying because I loved it so much. It really was the best degree I could have ever studied.

I did get into masters of Modern English Literature but foolishly I changed to something I hated later. That’s the biggest regret of my life to date. The love of books I have since forever. I love a bookstore. I always spend hours there. I love to appreciate every author by reading what they are writing about. It opened my world in the way no one could.

I had thought if I had read that many books I will be x, y and z but I only learned the more I studied/read the less I knew. Open your world with reading it’s an amazing world out there. Trust me.

Love and light.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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