Perfect Christmas — is there such a Thing?

Christmas — Love it or Hate it…?!

There’s two “camps” of people who love Christmas and those who hate it. Hate perhaps is a too strong word but I don’t like Christmas for a few reasons. I don’t have strong feeling about Christmas. However, it annoys me to a ridiculous degree certain things about it.


I cannot stand how consumerism rules this season. People talk about presents; when they went shopping; how many presents they’ve shopped for and how many they’ll potentially get. Where did you go shopping? It’s not only a conversation it’s an actual action. This season is designed for people to spend a lot of money.

In Ireland, for instance, some people take loans to buy presents. Some people save the whole year to just have a perfect Christmas. Consumerism during December goes crazy!!!! I used to be a marketer for great big giant companies and I know how many marketing campaigns are done and planed for just Christmas. People buy things thinking this is going to be a great present for someone.

They don’t even know for whom! Buying for the sake of buying!!!! This doesn’t just end in December. January it’s a known month for depression. So what do the shops do? Sale!!!! London is known for January sales. “Depressed people” spend more. Even when I am writing this I cringe. Just the the idea of going to work so people can spend their time and money shopping.

It’s not only money people spend but also their time. Time which no-one can get back.


Christmas office parties are the worst. I had a fair share of my office Christmas parties. I am forced not only to work with people that I wouldn’t choose to work with but I am also forced to spend my free time with them. Some get ridiculously drunk. Some companies go to a great length to create the best Christmas party yet. However, really who is it for?

To show how an employer appreciates its employees? For people to let their hair down…? Mark another year of amazing work? I don’t know. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but Christmas parties filled with devils piss (alcohol) is to send people to sleep. So they do this every year and stay where they are. Forget the dreams, aspirations and hopes of a better life just fill your glass with alcohol so it all becomes blurry.


Someone once said, there’s more murders around Christmas. It was a joke, of course! However, there’s some truth in that. When families get together for the first hour maybe two it’s all good and then….arguments, tensions and disagreements starts. Then you realise the reason you spend so little time with some of your family members and cannot wait for Christmas to end.

It really is a disaster the whole idea of ‘Christmas spend time with the family’.

My husband and I don’t do Christmas. We don’t buy presents. We don’t go to Christmas office parties and we don’t really have a special family dinners. We have family dinners throughout the year. We “buy” time for each other and appreciate every second of it because I don’t know when it will be my last day. We usually go somewhere hot like Morocco.

In Morocco there’s no Christmas and 25th December is a normal day when the children go to school. When I was “in it” I wasn’t aware of what this whole Christmas thing does to me but now I am out of it I can see how bad the whole thing is. I hope people wake up and don’t fall in the trap of the great big grey city nonsense. If you’d like to wake up here’s a few things you can do!

If you need to have presents make them instead of buying it. If you have to go to a Christmas office party — don’t drink. When you spend time with your family have no expectations only love, gratitude and appreciation for what you have with them. It might just make you feel a little better and help you realise the best part of Christmas.

This is a perfect Christmas! I wish everyone to have my type of Christmas. Love and magic to all!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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