Pakistan — Flips the Script

A reflection of my time being in Pakistan

Erika Chaudhary


Photo by Muhammad Muzamil on Unsplash

Pakistan itself, from the little I saw, changed me more than any other country I have ever been to. Everything in Pakistan is ten times more; the mountains are higher, the food tastes different (delicious), the people are welcoming, the scarves are the real deal, the roads are massive. The largest bats I have ever seen is in Pakistan. Everything is bigger in Pakistan.

I would describe Pakistan (from the little I saw) as grand simplicity! It’s such a magical place. Everything in Pakistan is real, raw, untouched, and incredible. The beauty of Pakistan is breathtaking and yet, many don’t consider Pakistan as travel destination. Pakistan should be on everyone’s travel list — it has so much to offer.

That’s not to say Pakistan doesn’t have its problems. Every country has its problems UK, US, and any other European country; that doesn’t stop us from going there, does it? It shouldn’t stop us from going to Pakistan either because it has its bunch of issues.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash


Little money will get you far in Pakistan. What can we do with 60 euros a month in Europe? The value of 60 euros is not much in Europe but in Pakistan a LOT. A cleaner earns 60 euros a month and that’s a good salary!

I appreciate money more. Money has a different meaning to me now. We are so spoiled in the UK or, indeed, Europe. We are ok to “splash out” on a coffee and not think about the price. That coffee money in Pakistan can get you a whole bag of food shopping!

Pakistan is a rich country!

Yes, you read that right! It’s richer than the UK! It’s got amazing craftsmanship, tailors, mountains to dream of and the people to be surrounded by. It has natural resources, amazing food, and centuries of fascinating culture. The culture so diverse and fascinating that makes you want to study life in Pakistan.

It explains why the West exploits Pakistan. I won’t get political but you can read a great book called The Divide by Jason Hickel he explains the difference between…



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