Have you ever been to an osteopath?

I have.

My first ever encounter was about 15 years ago back in the UK when I used to live in Guildford. His name was Steven. A man who’d charm almost anything and anyone at any given time. He’d crack the body as loud as the people talk loud in a quiet cafe. It draws your attention to that part of the body as the loud people. The things he’d tell you is seriously weird. For instance, stop eating cheese and drink red wine right before I go to Paris. Exciting moment killer! Did he do my back any good? The reason I went to see him in a first place. I guess he did but I couldn’t see it like I cannot see God. It’s all in the belief and feeling — none of them are tangible but imaginable.

Osteopath is physical and my body cracks and tumbles in another person’s hands. Why wouldn’t you feel better afterwards? Why do you need a belief? The belief is such a huge thing. If you don’t have a belief you can go to all the specialists in the world and you still feel the same. However, if you have a belief everything changes. It’s as different as hot and cold, wet and dry and so on. The simple explanation lies in energy. If you believe you are going to be better after seeing somebody you are more prone to get positive results. The body is like an antena transmitting various signals — if you are positive you are more likely to get positive signals if you are negative you are more likely to get negative. It attracts the like.

The body is full of energy. Well, not always — you might have little to no energy but you are running on energy. Sometimes your energy gets blocked so you get a headache or a pain in the neck or your back hurts and so on. Did you know that a headache can be caused by a bad back or wrong position of your spine? Acupuncture is all about energy. It releases or stops the energy flow in any part of your body. When an osteopath works on your body it’s a bit more physical but essentially it’s the same thing. It’s meant to align your spine so that the energy in your body flows freely.

After many years of not seeing an osteopath I went for a first time after I had fallen off the horse. When I fell on my back I felt it moved, but really how on earth it could have moved? I was ok after a few weeks. The pain was gone and it’s like never happened. My acupuncturist suggested I should go and see an osteopath just once to put it all back so to speak. I went. I was amazed how stiff and how painful it was. The pain of my fall suddenly was present. She worked on me very hard. By the end of the session I felt much better but super tired. Apparently it’s a side effect of the session. She told me she aligned me back to where I suppose to be. If I hurt anywhere in a few weeks I should only come back then otherwise I am good to go. It’s an interesting experience if you think about it, I fell off the horse on the back and she puts it all back. I am like a clay that can be moulded into the shape of the body I am in at any given time.

What I learned is that the body is an amazing mechanism and can heal itself but sometimes it’s a good idea to give a little nurturing like acupuncture or an osteopath. What about the belief? If it feels good then it’s good. Acupuncture nor osteopath feel bad. Believe in the good and it will always work for your benefit.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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