One Night only — Altea, Spain

Why I don’t want to go there again

I am super excited to see new places. Always. Isn’t everyone? It’s like meeting new people. Most often I will have an amazing conversation and think that person is amazing. However, once I scratch the surface lots of things come up…! It’s the same with travel to a new place.

I live in Spain. Spain is a huge country! There’s so many towns and places to visit.

Spain has also an interesting history. Sadly the real history is not often talked about. However, that’s for another blog post. I have to say this, without its history Spain wouldn’t be what it is today. I once read somewhere something like this ‘history is a storytelling from a personal point of view and therefore can be skewed.’ That’s exactly what happened with Spanish history books! As I said for another blog post.

My husband and I had an opportunity to investigate a deal near Alicante. We love seeing different parts of Spain and we took this opportunity to explore Spain a bit more. Near Alicante there’s a few towns well known and not so well known. We stayed one night in a place called L’Alfás del Pi which is located between Benidorm and Altea. This tiny little place was magical.

We arrived late at night. We didn’t actually see where we were. When we woke up it was a real magic. Sunrise with a sea view and palm trees. I looked around and I saw Islamic arches everywhere. For one minute I thought I was in Morocco. All houses around there had arches, palm trees and sun. This is 8th December, short and t-shirt kind of day….

We drove to Altea and this town looked magical. White Andalusian houses, cobbled streets and cute boutique shops with very few people around. We were early in the day. I saw a destroyed mosque which turned into a church now. I hate seeing any building ‘destroyed’ or re-build to destroy its past. Nevertheless that’s the story in Spain with most churches.

We loved the walk by the sea. The palm tree promenade was spectacular too. We ended up in some restaurant by the sea. I wasn’t impressed with the food. It tasted touristy. You know the one that is made for tourists? After living in Spain I started to distinguish which food is made for tourist and which food is a real Spanish food. Trust me it’s hard to find really delicious food when travelling to places like Altea or Benidorm.

We went to Benidorm for a meeting. The streets were heaving with tourists. Remember it’s 8th December not exactly a high season of holidays. Benidorm is popular with the British tourists. I heard some Lithuanian on the streets too. Benidorm is known for cheap alcohol, parties and guaranteed sun. Because Benidorm is so close to Altea — Altea gets a fair share of tourists from Benidorm.

My husband and I went out for dinner in Altea at an Indian restaurant called The Crown of India. It was a disaster. The restaurant is known for its magical views of the town and the sea view. However, the food was horrendous I make better dhall. Trust me the food was so bad. What was worse than the food is hearing Russians swear in front of the children. It made me sick to the stomach. It put a shadow on the place for me.

I don’t want to go back to that part of Spain to be honest. I didn’t like Benidorm nor did I like Altea after I scratched the surface. The people were trashy and the food in two different places was bad. The only good place was a hotel we stayed at and it was a really nice hotel. If you ever go there stay at Abaco hotel.

The only reason it’s worth going there is to see it for yourself and make your own judgment and thoughts on it. Maybe it’s one of the places you’ll love. This is only my view I simply love something a little bit more authentic, better food and real meaningful connections with people.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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