A Direct Translation from Arabic

A man in the restaurant ordered a black coffee and asked the waitress “Have you forgotten my coffee?” She answered: “No I haven’t forgotten your coffee but may death forget you! as the black coffee being delivered to the table.”

A Moroccan way to chat to people is in a joking, loving and respectful way. They are always laughing, smiling and pulling each other’s leg. It’s a loving way of being! The Moroccan’s are connected and united nation. The part that unites them is Islam! Islam has such a bad press in the Western world. If you ever spend time in a muslim country — you will realise they are most peaceful, loving and respectful human beings.

Sure, there are people who will always try it on with you like ask you to pay more for your lunch, ask you too many questions because they are curious, try to be overly friendly and so on. However, I don’t see anything wrong with any of it. It’s a culture that’s not different to yours.

I was taught that in every country there’s an equal amount of intelligent, uneducated, smart and stupid people. Morocco is no different.


Gardens in Morocco are divine! If you ever manage to get yourself to see Alhambra in Granada, or go to Sevilla the gardens were created by the muslims! Gardens in Marrakesh are no different. Gardens seem to be a norm in most households. If they don’t have their own private garden they have massive fields of palm trees with the views to take your breath away.

Muslim gardens generally have a fountain, a variety of trees including palm trees and a peacock wondering around! While we were driving around Marrakesh I saw a man carrying a peacock as if his life depended on it. Where else in the world would you see such a thing?

Photo by Federico Gutierrez on Unsplash


People are simple but know their craft. Even though 40% population of Morocco cannot read or write they are artisans and know their trade very well. They are taught everything they need to know about herbs, tiles, or zelish type of tiles (it’s a real art!!); how to make the most elaborate carpets and rugs, or ceramic plates, cups and tea pots.

They are the artisans of Morocco. They are the ones that tell you “Tell me what you want and I will make it for you!” Anything is possible! People know how to create here! They take the patterns from nature and weave it in the carpets, pots and everything they can. The colours are spectacular too! Talk about creativity they seem to have an inborn creativity!

It transpires in everything they do, gardens, arts and crafts and, of course, the food!


The people in Marrakesh know how to eat! I love the food in Marrakesh! I have been to many European countries but none European country can give me the food I love so much as in Marrakesh. The food here comes from the soul and it’s for the soul.

First of all, if you are a meat eater the meat here taste so much better! The animals are bread on grass and live in a wild. The animals killed humanly, in other words it’s called a halal meat. That makes a huge difference as how the meat tastes! It’s scientifically proven if you kill an animal in a stress you eat the stress hormones.

If the animal dies in no pain, no torture, in peace and someone says a prayer before they are killed you get the best there’s to get from the meat. If you are a vegetarian or, indeed, vegan you will have plenty of options to eat here too. Breakfast might have to be enough with just fruit and deliciously made bread and jam. Lunch time options are divine however.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

You will have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options! My favourite so far is vegetable couscous that comes with a broth on the side. Who would have thought a boring dish of just vegetables could be so divine and tasty! The best food of any kind of dish we had so far was at a hotel and restaurant run by women called Al Fassia. It’s a real treat to eat their food and stay there.

The love of this wonderful country continues! We are yet to ride horses, go the desert and see other parts of Morocco so stay tuned! In the meantime, I shall wish you “May Death Forget you”!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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