Life is Pretty Cool if you Choose it

Life choices to being kinder

You are given a chance to make whatever you like in your life. Your parents give you options and you choose. Some people make bad choices some good. Some die without living some with having done enough. Life is unfair, beautiful, amazing, crazy…it pretty much is anything you want it to be.

I didn’t know for a long time that I am responsible for all things that happen in my life. Only when “that clicked” I realised what life is. I took control of my life. I like being in control. That’s why I don’t like alcohol I don’t like not being in control. It was a rather a comical situation at a GP’s practise when I was signing up with a new GP.

I had to fill in a form stating how much I drink. I was shocked there was not an option for a zero alcohol usage! I don’t drink because my body doesn’t agree with alcohol. I have massive migraines the next day even if I have a sip of wine. Health concerns comes later in life not at an early teen times. I guess it’s natural.

Maybe because people drink so much that causes numbness and as a result in how people behave…? I don’t know why people are mean to other people!? Maybe it’s a choice people make on a daily basis. “I choose to be mean” the same as “I choose to be nice or good” it might be unconscious choice but choice nevertheless.

I see the meanness in people everywhere and it’s much more apparent in London than anywhere else I have been so far. I see posters in the doctor’s practise saying “I don’t deserve you shouting at me!” Why would I shout at an innocent receptionist at a GP’s office? For this poster to be up it must have been many people being mean. I go to a bank and there’s a dedicated desk for complaints.

I go to a food shop and in the shop there’s a dedicated complaint desk too. I have never seen so many places to be able to complain anywhere else in Europe. After spending some time travelling in Europe London seems a rather angry and full of unhappy people whom constantly complain. I notice more and more racism around too.

I am not English (thank god!) and I am reminded of it all the time and everywhere I go. People continuously ask me where I am from before I can say hello. I haven’t had this treatment in other parts of Europe. Life choices are weird in London in my humble opinion. Most people seem to work a lot and drink a lot and that pretty much is it.

I don’t blame them because there’s nothing much to do in the city apart from going out to restaurants and drinking and going on holidays. However, being nice shouldn’t be a chore. It should be as natural as breathing. If you are nice to someone they are nice back at you. What you give it comes back to you maybe not in the same form but it comes back to you.

I love life. I love life where people are nice to each other. Why do we need to be mean to each other? I have always believed that kindness always pays. I believe in being nice to people not mean. It doesn’t matter what background, religion or country people come from. Love and kindness are my choices in life and I hope yours are too.

Make choices that make you and people around you feel good. Make life choices that lights the world not makes it darker. Make life choices to be full of love not hate. It’s so much nicer to be kind.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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