If You Can Do It Every Day, Then You Can Have Enormous Success

How not to quit on challenges one sets in life

When one sets up a challenge, whatever it may be, there’s always a point when one wants to quit. I have done various challenges from detoxing, work challenges, extreme exercise regimes, I am currently in a writing challenge #30posts30days. People love setting themselves a challenge.

It always starts with an excitement like ‘Yes! Finally, I am doing it! By the end of it I will have done x, y and z!’ It makes me feel great. I haven’t even reached half way through the challenge and I am “It’s too hard!” “What was I thinking?”, “I should amend it to suit me more.” Sound familiar? How do I keep going? What motivates me? What tricks do I use?

If one is vulnerable they most likely be susceptible for any coaching programmes. I have found many people are coaches. They want to help people live their dream. That’s ok! It’s popular and I often doubt how much actual value they bring.

After all, it’s like having somebody in your ear telling you how great you are. I am sure some coaching is needed, for example, if someone is going through a bereavement, but most of the time people know what they need to do.

What happens when one falls for a coaching programme is one becomes focused on the programme rather than what they set out to do. Because it requires time to learn the stuff and not do what you meant to be doing in a first place. In other words, coaching programmes are distractions in disguise. Whatever you do do not fall into a coaching programme while on a challenge.

I went on a writers course which is a coaching programme. I loved it! The best thing I have ever done in my life! However, I did no writing whatsoever. I am currently working on my book but on the programme I did no writing. The point I am trying to make is no matter how wonderful a coaching programme is, most of the time I just have to get to work.

On a challenge there will be tough days. The hard days are when you cannot write, or do a detox or do your exercise or whatever that may be. On the darkest days of the challenge is when you don’t quit. If you decide not to do it anymore, ok, and you may genuinely have a valid reason. However, quit it on a good day. When you have the best day doing your challenge quit then.

How does one keep going? Some people will suggest you ask yourself questions such as: “Where am I going? , What am I doing?, What’s my goal?” These questions are great and it does push me to the right direction but that’s not what keeps me going. These questions are directional but not what motivates me.

Motivation is another big myth out there. Motivation doesn’t last. Look at me, not even half way through the challenge I already want to change things to make it easier for me. Motivation doesn’t work. Mel Robbins talks about that in 5 Second Rule book. The 5 seconds work! I don’t know how but it does. “You don’t feel like it do it anyway!

What keeps me going is my focus. I set my intention, have my vision and let the universe take care of it. No, I don’t let go! I don’t become a nutcase of “the universe will take care of me” and I don’t do anything. I keep my focus. I work towards it and let the universe guide me. William Whitecloud wrote in The Magician’s Way: ‘Your focus creates your reality.’ No matter what the challenge is I need to keep my focus.

What keeps me going is I want to see what it looks like when I am on the other side. For instance, I want to see how it feels like to be thin. I want to know what’s it like when you finish a four year part-time degree in English Literature. I want to see what it feels like after I have written for 30 days every day.

Yes I set goals. I want something like to have read many books and see how I feel afterwards. The funny thing is once I have read many books all I felt I knew less when I started.

If you are a writer there are days when you get lots of comments. Amazing! There are days when you get lots of followers. Amazing! There are days when you get negative comments and positive comments. At first, this is a thrill but later it’s not what keeps one going. Positive or negative comments are just reflections of other people.

People set challenges to see what they are capable of and feel good about themselves. To those who stick to their challenges they feel a great sense of achievement afterwards. Time invested in something that made them discipline themselves is priceless. That in itself is a reason to keep going.

I don’t think there’s a magic formula to keep going on a challenge. It’s all your in your head. Good or bad! However, if there’s one thing to take from this article is don’t quit it on a bad day do it on a good day! Everyone is different and different things keep people going. I hope everyone knows a trick for themselves to achieve the goal they set.

It’s worth the battle! The challenges in life makes us better. I believe after each challenge I set to myself I became a better human being. That’s a reason to keep going! It’s a journey that’s worth a life.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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