How Trump and Brexit Make People Ignorant Monsters but you can be Different

How not to be a racist and embrace diversity

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I am angry. I am angry that Donald Trump is in power. I am angry about Brexit. I am angry not for obvious reasons such as an idiot is sitting in a White House and that Brexit is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen happen to a country. The reason I am angry is because Trump and Brexit gives power to the racist, to the division of the world and people and let the ignorance thrive!

Let me be clear I am not a political writer nor am I an expert in politics. However, what I am an expert is seeing the racism. Because of Brexit and Trump ignorant and stupid people believe they can post and say racist comments. They believe they have the power to speak of things they were not capable to say before Brexit and Trump.

The Problem

These things are: “Too many people in London!” What does that mean? Is it too many black people? Too many Eastern Europeans? Too many Indians? If you go back in history London has always been a crowded city. London was a city not for poor people either. London was for the rich and may I add foreigner rich.

Just because some stupid and ignorant politician decided to brainwash the ignorant people in the UK, we now believe we have too many foreigners…? I went to a friend’s birthday and there was a pompous English guy who voted ‘OUT’. He sincerely believes that the UK will be ok without Europe. Since when the division and exclusion is better?

Since when the broken world is better? Since when building walls between people and countries is better? The diversity and unity of people makes us stronger by excluding yourself out you are not exclusive, VIP and power rich; you are leaving yourself out and making yourself lonely. It doesn’t stop there.

I have seen social media posts where it’s ok to post racist comments and pretend to talk about a different subject altogether. Since when it’s ok to degrade another religion, peoples’ choice in clothes and what they do? Take a world cup for instance. Trevor Noah made a joke that Africa won a world cup and the French ambassador wrote a letter telling him off.


People accept other nationalities and religions if it serves them like the French. Many members of the French football team are foreigners. If that foreigner, committed a crime the whole religion and the country he came from would be damned. If that same person wins a World Cup that person is considered to be French!!!!! One could say we let the foreigners into our country and we decide how we treat them. Isn’t this a form of dictatorship?

I don’t like seeing so many people making racist comments. It angers me. Next time anyone wants to say anything bad about a religion, a person’s skin colour or the clothes they wear, ask yourself where is this racism comes from? Is it from the media? If so, go and read up on the history, the culture and religion. If your opinion comes from a friend read up and then make your own decisions.

Don’t blindly follow the news because it’s a form of brainwashing. You live in a small world in a world where everything is the same. People do the same things, dress the same, go to the same jobs and believe in the same shit. Why don’t you decide to get out of that sameness and think for yourself? Why don’t you ever question as to why there’s such hatred towards another nation, skin colour or clothes?

There is hope

In times like this, we all should be united and the more diverse we are the better we are informed of the world and everything around us. We had enough blood shed in the crusades, Spanish Inquisition, World Wars, Iraq and Palestine. Enough of this division and unfairness! Connection, love and understanding should be our choice not division and racism and exclusion.

You can change it by simply saying no to racist comments, racist content on social media and simply by asking questions rather than damning people who are different from you. Difference can be scary but if you learn about it as to why someone is different it’s knowledge and understanding. Don’t let Trump and Brexit make you modern day monsters. Be different, think different and love different.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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