How your Dream will Force you do Uncomfortable Things and get you Travelling

The unspoken truth

People think travelling is glamorous. People think that travelling is cool. I don’t know why there’s such a misconception about travelling. I have done a lot of travelling between London and Barcelona last year. I can tell you one sure thing about travelling it is not glamorous and not cool but tiring.

People don’t talk about flight delays, eating bad food, restrictions as to what you can or cannot carry on board. Not having the same place to sleep, eat or do your work. It may sound ok for someone who isn’t travelling but trust me, if you do it for over a year you’ll want your own space, food and things around you that make you feel good.

There’s many ways to travel, for instance, planes, cars, trains, ferry and whatever else people come up with. I have done so much plane travelling that I will do anything to avoid planes. My husband and I prefer road trips it’s much easier, safer and comfortable.

What do you think a road trip is? It’s the fastest way to achieve your set goal. My husband and I have done a few road trips. The memory of some is cherished. The last road trip we did was a few days ago. We drove from Barcelona to London. It’s amazing what you learn about the countries and culture while driving through a country.

I learn so much more about the culture whist in the car than being on the plane. I learn the culture of the place, the food habits and a little insight into people of that country. As soon as we left Barcelona we left niceness and kindness of people, being down to earth and everything wonderful behind. The first town we stayed at was near Montpellier called Le Grau-du-Roi.

The first feeling I got was ‘get me out of here’. I didn’t know why. I just wanted to be out of there. In the morning, we couldn’t find breakfast! I knew it was bad news before we even started to wonder around. I will always remember this place ‘a place without breakfast’. People were not helpful in finding anything to eat either. The good thing was the French didn’t speak English.

The food we found for lunch was terrible maybe because of the restaurant we chose. However, the service and the food was a disaster. We left this place with a heavy heart and knew we are not going to get any better than this. Barcelona was behind and the further we drove the harder it was. I have spent about six months in Barcelona and it felt more home to me than the whole 14 years living in London.

The deeper we got into France the colder and and harder to swallow our decision to get to London was. We saw nothing but medieval signs into French towns and people eating industrialised meat like in the medieval times; (well in the medieval times they wouldn’t be eating industrialised meat but anything that’s not clean). The civilisation, sun and everything wonderful was left behind.

We were driving through France and all we got was bad attitude, bad food and bad roads. People think they are better than anyone else. To get petrol in the car was a disaster. The French came up with a super complicated way to get petrol into the car. The road signs what on earth was that? However, we did find an amazing restaurant in Lyon which is a highlight of the whole road trip.

That meal was the best we’ve had in a few days. It was a Tunisian cuisine and it was great apart from the french bread. French bread is great but not with a Tunisian cuisine. We got to Calais and we felt we were driving through a prison walls. That was the welcome “Welcome to Brexit”. Wired fences are horrific to experience it’s like you are going to prison by your own choice.

I don’t remember being it there a few years ago when we were driving to France. We got to the ferry early thinking we’ll have nice lunch before the ferry. Little did we know we will be surrounded by wired fences with no food. What does it say about the country? There’s no real food. “The food” machines which is crisps, and biscuits, and coca-cola drinks were placed by the toilets.

Later an orange van arrived serving overpriced tea, fries, sandwiches with ham and crips. We thought is this where we are heading? To a country with an overpriced “food”, no sun and everyone think they are better than anyone else…? Not to mention the roads are the worst in Europe. Oh wait, the UK is no longer part of Europe so the roads can be as shit as possible.

We are better and we know better, right?! London is a great city. It’s got theatre, amazing restaurants that are not English and money. London is a ruthless money making machine with no time for being human. London is a grey city with lots to offer for the hungry of fame, fortune and the bling. However, we’ve got our focus.

It’s no longer about me or us anymore. It’s about making a world a better place. If this means we have to sacrifice our lives for a short period of time living in a concrete city so we can build a school somewhere where the world needs it, then it’s worth it. Then I can put up with an overpriced “food”, no sun and soulless concrete.

The harder the conditions the focus becomes the shining hope. Every day we live in concrete is one day less to be here and we are closer to achieving the goal of a better tomorrow. We all make sacrifices for our dreams. Sometimes the dreams bring you to places where you don’t want to be but the dream is worth it. All the hardships make it worthwhile in the end.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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