How to keep your Feet Warm in 3 Natural Ways

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It’s weird to consider warm feet in summer. However, my feet are always cold no matter the season.

I used to deal with ignorant statements such as:

‘You are from Lithuania you must handle cold really well, eh?

No! Why would you think I can handle cold really well just because I am from Lithuania?’

I hate that statement with all my heart. If I had a penny every time someone said that to me I’d be a millionaire.

Just because I come from a place where there is summer only three months of the year doesn’t mean I like cold. The opposite. I love the heat. I hate cold. I love the sun. I love to be in a warm climate because I am always cold.

Since I had this issue with cold feet I finally found natural solutions in keeping my feet warm.

Soak the feet

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I’ve tried soaking my feet in cooked ginger before I go to sleep. It’s amazing! I sleep like a baby.

‘Simple soaking can be surprisingly effective, say TCM practitioners. Six meridians (liver, gall bladder, kidney, spleen and stomach) reach the feet, each of which has more than 60 acupuncture points. The feet have points that correspond to many parts and organs of the body.’ — TCM calls for feet

I love it when there’s some proof of how I feel after doing something. It makes it real and it’s not just me. I used to soak my feet every evening until I stopped for one reason or another.

It’s a bit of an effort, to be honest. You’ve got to be ready to go to bed shower, brush your teeth, do your taking make up off routine. Boil ginger for 15–20 min. Then, soak the feet for 20 min or until break the sweat. It takes time.

Everything good for yourself takes time. We’ve got to take time for ourselves to make feel good. If you cannot look after yourself who will…?


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I walk up the hill every day. I walk up for at least 25 min and then walk down for the same amount of time. I’ve seen a massive improvement in my circulation. I no longer need to put my wool socks on when I go to sleep even in the summer. I know it sounds weird but my feet get so cold I have to put something warm.

‘Your heart and cardiovascular system will function more effectively.’ — Top 10 Fitness Facts

As a result increase circulation in the body. If the circulation is increased, I don’t have cold feet. It’s incredible, don’t you think? Circulation is great for many other things too. It’s really good for you to exercise.

Put your Feet up

You read it right! By putting your feet up increases circulation! I feel great when I put my feet up. My body is relaxed. After I had my feet up for about 10–15 min I feel like I had a holiday. It’s so good for you. Someone once said by putting your feet up you give your heart a rest.

By putting my feet up I increased circulation and the blood flow without doing much. That’s my favourite of all. Do nothing and have so many benefits.

‘Elevating your feet on a sofa or chair may be your usual go-to to let your feet rest. However, putting your legs up at a 90 degree angle, up against a wall, is what really allows your body to recoup and recover. In short, it brings blood back towards your heart, and promotes lymphatic fluid circulation as well.’ — The Importance of Putting your Feet up

It’s amazing such simple natural ways to make your feet warm. Here you have it:

  • Soak your feet
  • Exercise
  • Put your feet up

I hope few natural tips will keep your feet warm no matter the season. Most important is to stay healthy. Whatever you do it’s important to feel good. Go on do something nice for yourself.

Love and light!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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