How to Design a Home with Little Money for a Huge Sale

How my husband and I created a home for sale


Many people like to travel.

People travel for different reasons. Some travel for holiday. Some travel to learn about the world. Some travel to tick countries off their list. Some travel because they like it.

Travel is a biggest educator they say.

My husband and I travel to learn and get inspired to design our home. We had already done one project in London where our design inspirations came to fruition. Not only did we designed an amazing house but we also made an astounding profit. How did we do it? We had no life for about 11 months. All we did was breath, live and work on the house for 11 months.

I certainly didn’t know what I was doing. My husband, on the other hand had experience in converting flats into beautiful homes. He does have an amazing eye for design. Because we travel we learn and get inspired for home designs. However, we had to tone our ideas down because we knew we are not designing our own home.

We designed it for sale. It’s different designing home for sale and for yourself. Our taste may not be everyone else’s taste. Toning down your ideas doesn’t mean the design will suffer — it’s on a contrary! The design becomes magic because not everything I like is great! The fusion of what people spend money on and like, and what I like can be magical.

Travelling the world certainly plays a huge role in making a beautiful home. It also makes one smarter on how to create a home because splashing out to create a beautiful home doesn’t mean it’s going to create a beautiful home.

Travel as an Inspiration

The greatest inspiration was Al-Hambra palace in Granada, Spain. We (my husband and I) love that place. Al-Hambra is one of the greatest buildings in Europe. It truly is not only because of design but also because of its history and what it represents.

The Rough guide’s recommendation is if you go to visit one place in Europe Al-Hambra should be the one.

I never thought a building can inspire me so much.

Photo by Dimitry B on Unsplash

The design is simple based on symmetry, algebra and astrology! That sounds super complicated to me. However, when you enter the palace it’s simple — marble floors throughout, with white walls, beautiful tiles and amazing wall features. The magic is felt in the air! Somehow the mathematical calculations create magic of the building.

Has to be said, the symmetry is absolutely beautiful! Standing in the middle of Al-Hambra no-one can tell it’s super symmetrical but the magic of it is there. For someone to imagine it and actually create it is beyond words. It’s the most inspiring building ever to me.

A photo I took of my fabulous husband at Al-Hambra Palace, Granada Spain

To design a beautiful home is not difficult, however, many people go wrong by adding mad colours and thinking I am going to be unique by using black and pink colours together. It’s definitely unique but not everyone’s taste. If you want a house to sell at a good price you need to design a home that people want to bite your arm off.

What People go Crazy for when looking for a Home

The way to do it, is to tone down your likes and focus on what others like and buy. What my husband and I did, we went through masses of design magazines, watched design programmes and scoured the websites of high priced homes. We looked at what people pay high prices for what we learned was this:

  • Light/neutral colours
  • Wooden flooring (for London)
  • Light and airy spaces

This is fascinating because everywhere we went Morocco Marrakesh, Fez, Ouzerzatte, Merzouga, Spain Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Toledo, Polopos, Turón, Barcelona, Sweeden Helsinborg what we liked was, at the places we stayed, the exact same elements.

For instance, we stayed at this place in a middle of nowhere in Turón, Spain. The hotel or rather a few bedroom guest house was spectacular! The simple features of the design was light colour (white walls), beautiful floor and it was nice light and airy super clean with a huge bathroom. It makes everyone like it. It’s simple but so beautiful.

It doesn’t offend anyone and it creates a beautiful space. One can argue it’s a hotel so, of course, it’s nice. However, when everyone enters a light and airy space, with beautiful flooring and white walls everyone loves it. It’s a simple formula that sounds boring, however, everyone loves it. I don’t know why but it is just like that.

View from the bed (same bedroom as above)

In Marrakesh we stay at an amazing place called Al-Fassia. The design of the hotel is beautiful. The tiles are zelish type of style (small tile pieces creates a design on the floor, walls etc). Al-Hambra was build using those type of tiles. Our inspiration for creating a ‘wow’ hallway in the house in London was exactly taken from Al-Fassia and Al-Hambra.

We know certain styles don’t go in certain countries, however, we managed to pick floor tiles without causing an offence to anyone. People loved the tiles we chose for the hallway. It was simple black and white tiles small pieces put together to create a specific design.

Work in progress putting the tiles down in the hallway
End result with black and white tiles (everybody loved the hallway!!!)

There’s a caveat to all of this we designed a house for sale in London. We added some style that isn’t English but people still loved it. That’s a key to a unique and yet everybody loves it type of design. Travel certainly influences our design choices for building a beautiful home.

Travel certainly teaches us what works and what doesn’t. To create a beautiful home for sale you’ve got to also think ‘would I love to live there?’ if I don’t want to live there why would anyone else..? Travel also teaches us how to create a design that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. For some reason, people think to design a beautiful home you need to spend a lot of money.

We didn’t spend a lot of money to create this:

Entrance to the house
Kitchen with the outdoor space
Hallway with the art piece and lamps

You can design a beautiful home too without spending huge amount of money. The tiles you see in the bathroom above we bought it on sale. The difference between grey and white tiles is because there wasn’t enough tiles for sale of the same colour so we designed it like this. We spent a minimum amount to create this look.

Everything we bought was for sale nothing was paid a full price. The design inspiration was from our travels. We looked at what people like and we designed exactly that with a touch of our love for design and travel. We added photos taken in Morocco on the walls, I sewed cushions with lots of beautiful colours.

We put plants around the house with a hint of red, pink and green. It created a beautiful space everyone wanted to be in. It was light and airy, with beautiful flooring and walls to put your stamp on it. If we can do it so can you!

Love and Light

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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