How Positivity Make us Lazy

The truth about being positive

Be positive!

Just think positive and things will happen!

Positivity is key!

You have to be positive to get positive results!

It’s all very well but one has to face reality at some point. Unless, of course, you’d rather deconstruct yourself in a bar and live a shady ‘reality’ of alcohol.

Just being positive isn’t enough.

If I walk around being positive but not do anything nothing will ever happen to me. For example, I walk around being positive and take no action whatsoever on getting a job, or change my passport, or get a driving licence, or get a holiday booked.

Nothing gets done. Just being positive it’s not getting me anywhere. I only dream about it but I am being positive. I have to take action at some point, right? Some people would rather just be positive instead of getting off their asses and get tucked into doing some work.

The other great way of being positive is I pretend I have no problems. It doesn’t mean I don’t have them. Let’s face it no-one is without problems. Ok you can call it challenges. Looking at your problems with a positive outlook and not doing anything about it — it’s living a delusional life. If a roof breaks in my house and I am positive it’s not going to get fixed, is it?

I need to take some kind of action. I need to call a specialist and get them in to fix it.

Being positive is a myth.

What isn’t a myth is taking action and having a good attitude. Being positive is like reading horoscopes and letting life be. I can just sit and relax and wait for the life to happen to me. I don’t have to be working hard my horoscope told me it will happen if I wait.

By sitting at home and waiting for things to happen it’s like sitting at home and waiting for death. It will come eventually but not how you would have imagined. If I am positive but I have no inclination of actually doing any action I might as well forget about it. Just being positive gets you nowhere. One has to take their sunglasses off and clean them to see the truth.

Actions always speak louder than being in a weird state of positivity and not doing anything. People end up living in a weird parallel reality which doesn’t exist. It’s like talking to someone with no lights on. It’s like talking to an EE customer service and people give you the same answers and all you want is your bill to get paid. I want to pay my bill.

No, mam your bill is already paid. I know it’s not! The system says no. Is there anything else I can help you with? Seriously, these people drive me crazy! I know it’s their job but how stupid do they have to be?! They are humans not machines and yet they behave like machines. Just smile and be positive you will see how beautiful your life will be. What a load of nonsense!!!!!

Why people like to buy into this nonsense? Maybe because it’s an escapism without alcohol?! It’s addictive not to think of reality, problems and think everything as rosy. Life will work itself out. Maybe it’s ok to live with this kind of positivity…? But I’d like to believe there’s more to life than think positive thoughts and do nothing.

It’s like a constipated law of attraction of nothingness just keep squeezing being positive. Nothing comes out but keep on squeezing! I sit thinking positive thoughts and do nothing. Let life happen to me. That’s where the victim behaviour comes in and destroys people. They all think life is unfair. I don’t get things and etc. If anyone wants something in life they should go and get it.

I am a positive person but I don’t live in a dream land of positivity. I would call myself a realist and some would call me a pessimist. Being real is not dreaming up some kind of BS and imaging it’s all ok. If it rains outside I don’t pretend it’s sunny! Simple! If I want something I go and get it! I am not waiting for things to happen to me I make it happen no matter the circumstance.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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