How my Parents Created Future for Me Without Losing the Big Picture

It’s about being given different options from which I can make an informed decision for my future.

I have to be great at everything I do when I am at school. I have to have the basics right in order for me to succeed in whatever I may choose to do in a future. If I have a great foundation I can have anything I like. When I am little I am like a sponge and I can become anything my parents wants me to become.

It’s not about me being good at one thing or the other. It’s about how many hours I put in it.

Therefore, it’s never about what I am good at. It’s about how much time my parents have so I can go to painting, maths, basketball classes or whatever that is. It’s my parents hard work that gives me options for my future.

What it comes down to is the influence the children have when they grow up.

My mother decided to read books to me when I was little and then later influenced me reading it, then I will read and have a better understanding of the world. The choices I will make in a future will be an informed choices. My mother didn’t read books to my brother. He likes books. He reads a bit but not as much I do.

Everything I do is influenced by somebody. Nothing is given to me.

I have been given an unknown time on this planet, a head, two arms and legs.

Everything I am is because of what I have been taught.

Everything I do today is because my mother spend time teaching me, taking me to classes and working with me on my homework.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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