How Medium Encourages me to Write More

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Your own Merit and Hard Work

You have to make sure to comply with the rules and regulations for tax purposes. It makes it all so official too! I like it. What I love about it the most is if you are willing to work hard you are going to get noticed. The writing is based on the merit not on your background, religion or a language you speak.

I love the freedom Medium gives you.

You are your own writing boss too! You dictate your own rules if you want to write more, you do that; if you want to write less, you do that. No-one will push you or ask anything. That’s a beauty and the beast. Some people like to be pushed to do something some don’t. You learn to create your work for yourself. You learn what publications you’d like to be published too.

Encouragement on Medium

What I love the most is the people on Medium. Every single person who liked any of my writing I have to thank you. Every single person who commented and clapped made me write more. When I had days I didn’t want to write and I didn’t want to do anything with writing blogs, I had a lovely message from someone. Those messages are amazing to get bad or good.

Community on Medium

I am not a special person and my writing probably isn’t that amazing either. However, I’d like to believe maybe what I have to say helps or encourages someone to do something. Maybe it encourages somebody to do better, be better and create more whatever that maybe. I love Medium for that. I love it that we encourage each other to write more.

Publications like Medium creates writers.

I’ve connected to many communities and become a member. Pushing each other to write and share our work it’s amazing. Writing is a lonely vocation, however, having a community of writers suddenly makes it super social and fun. It’s always easier with others to do something and Medium has created a community for that.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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