How you Measure Success is how you See the World

The truth about success

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If you google the word success the google says it’s an accomplishment of an aim or a purpose.

In the world where everyone wants to be successful how does one measure success? What does success mean?

I don’t strive for success. When I was a child I didn’t even know the word success; at what point do we become obsessed with success? At what point do we become obsessed with followers/fame and are these the measurements of success?

The Myth of Followers

When I started my journey of writing online I thought having followers that read my stuff is all that mattered. Then slowly became a game how many followers have I gained a week/month and so on. I forgot that it’s not the followers that matters but the people that read my stuff. If one focuses on followers only one can go mad so quickly.

It can become life or death situation which is ridiculous! As Kamga Tchassa says: The moment you lose a twitter follower of an email reader — your rush to understand why. Being that way you definitely don’t do any justice to yourself or your craft.

If you look on my medium page I’ve joined this wonderful platform back in 2018 two years later I don’t even have a 1000 followers. If I compare my profile to others, for example, Kris Gage who’s got over 81 thousand followers since 2019, I am a complete loser when it comes to followers. I don’t even know the significance of the number of followers and what does it actually do to you?

Does it matter? Have I failed? I didn’t succeed..! Is this measurement of success?

When I think to myself I’ve published and wrote a lot more when I wasn’t on this platform! I’ve met amazing writers on medium and have been published in amazing publications on medium too.

To me writing matters more than followers.

When writers write every day everything else comes like followers. It’s a bit like driving, when you are learning to drive you are told to drive slowly and speed will come with time. Sure, I’d love to believe people read my content but writers don’t know who read their stuff most of the time. It comes with the job. You are not always going to know who hates or loves your work.

Sometimes people don’t even want you to know they are reading your work. I got a LinkedIn message once from someone I didn’t know. She told me, my blog post inspired her to change her life. That to me is a success and 1 million followers wouldn’t give me that sort of feeling. I wish I knew how it’s going for her but I guess no news is good news.

Social Media Trap

Social media has made us want more followers and essentially to want fame. Now we can all do youtube videos, be film makers and be whatever we want as long as we are ‘famous’ or ‘known’ by many and followed by many. However, doing things so you become famous it loses the point of anyone doing anything.

I don’t write to be liked or followed or be famous.

I write because I want to write and have something to say. My perspective is not the same as yours. Everyone is different and everyone has value. I love reading other peoples work too. I love to support people who do the same craft because I know how hard it is. It’s hard to differentiate or find balance between the followers that love your work and those that are just for numbers.

Photo by Rob Curran on Unsplash

It’s not easy to just write to a space in which no one talks back to you. No one ever responds or says anything. Sometimes it’s easier to have haters than not a single word from anyone. You have no reference point. So what’s the balance? How does one get into the ‘right’ way of writing without falling in the trap of followers and fame?

Sometimes good work will bring fame to people and that’s good. The more people have access to good work the better. However, when obsession of followers rule then you know you’ve got it wrong.

What is “Right” Measurement of Success

Selling your work and earning a living from writing I consider a success. I haven’t got there yet not because I cannot do it but because my focus is in many million places. People have shown it’s possible and they are living the life like Anthony Moore, Nicole Akers, Tom Kuegler and many more.

One cannot compare themselves to others because their journey is different to yours. The measurement will never be the same. I cannot compete with someone who’s just had a baby and trying to write while juggling work, baby and writing. It’s not possible to have everything at the same time like everyone else.

The only measurement of success should be to your yesterday self.

My life might be someone’s dream and it can be hell for someone. I cannot measure my amount of followers with other people. The only measurement I have that’s valid is when started in 2018 I had 0 followers and now I have over 800 and that’s an amazing achievement! Most people that follow me I don’t know them. Sure, others do much better than me but their life is different to mine.

Shine your success and be your own beacon of hope because you are the light! The possibilities are endless! Live what you want to be and measure your success to your yesterday. If you want to succeed and keep moving forwards, have goals and smash them and then look back to your yesterday to see how far you’ve come!

Love and light.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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