How Christmas can be a Weight Loss Affair rather than Weight Gain!

There’s only one country in the world, so far, every time I go I lose weight!

Yes, you heard me right.

For most the holiday season is when everyone puts on a ton and have New Year’s resolution to lose weight. I, on the other hand, start my holiday season with losing weight in what the first world countries call it in third world country. I hate those terms as a third world country is much more civilised when it comes to food the most basic human requirement.

The third world country is Morocco but to me it’s a first world country. I am super excited to be going to Fes and then driving down to Marrakesh. I love car journeys in Morocco. My husband and I drove 3000 km from Marrakesh to Merzouga and back. It was one the best holidays we had. Some of the blog posts from last year you can choose and read below…

How can we lose weight while travelling? I often put on weight while travelling but not when I am in Morocco. Why? Simply because there’s no rubbish food. There’s no such thing as sandwiches! There’s so such thing as fast food not at least on the road. If you ever get to Merzouga you won’t find anything fast definitely not fast food.

Why fast food bad for you? It’s full of saturated fat and nothing is natural in it it’s all made from the cheapest ingredients with lots of hidden sugar! Yes, sugar because it tastes good and it makes people addictive. It’s no joke that’s something we all know so well in so called first world countries.

In Morocco while we are driving if you find a cafe to stop you’ll eat the most delicious tagine. Yes, tagine. It’s made from the fresh local ingredients — vegetables from the garden. Not the imported stuff. Tagine is made from the ingredients available in the season. That’s how the first world country should eat!!!!

I get it the whole consumerism world is very important for the economy but what about our health? No, money is more important. I only realise that when I am in Morocco. How weird to say I live in a first world country and yet most people suffer from weight issues, depression and any other personal crisis.

If you look what the people have in the first world countries great jobs, money to go on holiday, plenty of money to spend on clothes, going out and etc and yet they are depressed, overweight and full of self worth issues. In a third world, where the sun almost always shine, there’s the best food, amazing attitude of people, the fresh fruit juices flow on the streets with smiles.

Third year in a row my husband and I escape the modern jungle of Christmas in the first world and enjoy the magic, joy, delicious healthy food and sunshine in the third world. We start the year with healthy food where there is no consumerism madness…! As many Moroccan’s would tell you “May death forget you” and enjoy your December without too much gluttony.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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