How and Why Structure Matters in Life

Daily life with or without structure…?

Life is full of structure.

However, as we know it structure is gone.

We cannot go to work. We now work from home. We cannot go to the gym we now work out at home. We cannot eat at a restaurant once or twice a week we eat at home now. We cannot go out for drinks we drink at home now. That old structure is gone. New one is taking shape now.

If you have no structure in your life you’ll waste your life. You’ll end up watching Netflix, Apple TV or Amazon. You’ll have watched all the series available but would not have achieved anything.

If it overtakes your day and night then it’s not good for you.

I love great series, a film or a documentary but not when it takes up all day or night. Think about it, you only have one life and if you spend your time watching TV what are you creating?

This is to me throwing it away. If you are watching TV all the time you don’t eat well either. You’ll be eating something that’s not super healthy for you.

You’ll eat something that’s fast because you need to watch what happens next. That’s unhealthy!

We have all been shaken to the core.

Everyone keeps on telling me how important it is to have a routine. A routine in which people can thrive. Everyone needs some kind of structure. Why? Why cannot we not live in chaos and thrive? Some do. Some need structure.

The importance of structure

It gives us a framework within which we can work, create, play and do everything. We have a day in which we can work and do all the serious stuff. For example, earn money and create businesses. Night time is for sleeping. Parties no longer… The structure gives us points of reference. We can see from where we started to when we finished something.

If you are a Muslim, for example, you pray five times a day. That’s an amazing structure. It gives you x amount of hours from one prayer to the next. It has given you already an amazing umbrella from where you can create your work. People have taken care of the spiritual side as well. It gives them peace and keeps them calm.

Other ways one can build a new structure is simply decide from that hour until that hour I do work, at that hour I exercise, meditate and so on. Some people need to apply make up, some need to dress up as if they are going to work to do work at home. Whatever works for you just do that. Remember how hard it is to get up early to travel to work.

Now you have that time for you to do whatever you wish it. It would be very sad if people wasted it on nothing. I understand, sometimes doing nothing is needed but not when it becomes a habit. Sometimes in stillness there’s plenty of movement.

Photo by Zoë Reeve on Unsplash

Let’s not be the hippos in front of TVs and be creative people who can change the world with innovation, new businesses and books. Let’s be the ones who inspire others to do better and be better. Let’s use this time to create rather than let it pass it by us.

Love and light.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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