My Secrets of how to Design a Classic Home in London

A classic home design ideas

What’s a good house design? How does one define a good home design? Design a personal taste! I like to be practical. I like to have beautiful space but practicality of where to put my cooking pots is very important. I hate home designs where there’s no storage. For instance, you walk into a house and there’s nowhere to put the shoes or hang the coat.

I hate kitchens when there’s no cupboard space! How on earth am I going to store my amazing ingredients..? Would you live in a kitchen where there’s no or little cupboard space? The worst designs are those that think they have created something unique but no one can live there.

My husband and I watched some designs programmes such as Great Interior Design Programme on BBC. Design is personal taste. However, there are some universal truths about good home design. Before my husband and I started to to work on the house I knew nothing of design or what’s good or bad. I’ve learned through doing. Here is my view on creating a classic design for home in London.

Don’t be Afraid of DIY

When my husband and I were doing up the house in London I had to pull my sleeves up and get down to work. I created cushions from scratch. I bought beautiful silks in various colours to create colour in the room. Sewing is an amazing skill. I ended up sewing a dress for myself which I wore most of the summer.

Me sewing a cushion
That’s a variety of cushions I sewed :)

Cushions are a great way to add colour to the room. We did white walls so any colour would go beautiful there. Even though the room was white there was so much colour in it because of the cushions and other ‘ingredients’ in the room.

In a London house, period features are very welcomed and loved. Hence adding a bit of beading on the doors was decided. It adds more style and more character in a house house. If I can do it so can you.

I did the beading on all the doors in the house. I measured and cut the wood myself. I nailed it to the doors too. Doing a bit of DIY not only do you save money but also create something personal and beautiful. The doors look like million dollars after paint, of course. It adds character for the house and it’s a beautiful classic look that doesn’t go out of fashion.

Me on the floor measuring and putting beading on the door

The simple beading on the doors add character that people look for in period houses in London. Simple features such as beading on the doors and walls creates that exact period house look. I didn’t do the beading on the walls the builders did the end result was spectacular.

Quality over Quantity

Less is always much more when creating a space. To create a good spacious room you need:

  • good flooring
  • white walls
  • good lighting

Once there’s a good classic base then add colour with cushions, plants and tiles. For instance, we created this room. It has a fireplace with beautiful tiles. We chose the tiles that had a bit of character and added something special to the room. We used the same tiles in all of the rooms where the fireplace was. Cushions, books and a plant adds colour.

We chose lights to create a wow factor in the room. We did have in mind Al-Hambra a palace in Granada, Spain. Where plain marble flooring, simple walls, some tiles and colour would make the room spectacular. Obviously this is a London period house not a palace in Spain.

Bedroom we created

We created a kitchen using quartz for kitchen top and simplest tiles possible. This was mixing the old and the new styles. We would have liked to use marble but it wasn’t possible to get it in the time frame. Simple ‘ingredients’ create magical results. We added colour by adding simple golden handles golden from Ikea. We got the light bulbs on sale from John Lewis. Cheapest tiles on the wall as a backdrop.

The kitchen cabinets from Ikea. When people asked us where is the kitchen from no one would believe it’s from Ikea! White colour will never go out style add colour with flowers, handles and a sink tap. The sink tap is from Ikea too. White colour bounces many other colours from the room and the outside so it’s never really white.

Kitchen classic white with a dash of colour

Classic will never go out of Style

Everyone wants a home with a beautiful design. Everyone wants to show off their beautiful home with a creative design. However, many go wrong by adding black or dark colours. We saw a house next door. They did a modern take on the house. It was too dark. Their bathroom was painted dark.

Taken from google

It made me want to leave immediately. The dining area was painted dark grey. Dark colours are great, however, it’s fashionable now. Fashion doesn’t last long. This style will go out of fashion. However, if the house has white walls it will never go out of style. The walls can have amazing art pieces with plenty of colour and it can be changed with no effort at all.

The whole room will change too! I’d always go classic rather than follow a fashion. It may sound boring but after 15 years the look of dark colours may not be as lovely as it was at the beginning. If you’ve got white walls it will never be offensive and no one will get tired of it.

Take Aways

Don’t follow fashion! It’s like clothes it will go out of fashion and you are not going to wear it anymore. Are you going to re-design your house every time the fashion changes?

Don’t be afraid to add your personal touch with your style by adding cushions, books, lighting pieces, plants, art pieces on the walls… Always remember does this house take period features? Not every house does. A house in Spain is very different house to a London one.

Always focus on quality. Quality doesn’t have to be expensive either. We got almost everything half price because it was on sale or reduced to clear.

DIY might a way forward to not only saving money but also creating something special.

If I could add something to the house when I knew absolutely nothing so can everyone! You’ve got to be smart with your choices and always think who’s is this house for.

Love and Light!

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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