Have you Heard of Islamic Spain Today?

Islamic Spain Today — little examples

What does anyone know of Islam? Really what do you actually know?

What’s portrayed in today’s media or since 9/11 is simply not true about Islam. American programmes such as “Homeland” portrays the muslim world as heinous criminals. Some people, who know nothing of Islam, truly believe it. The other question is why would anyone want to know more about Islam if it’s such a “bad” religion and causes so much havoc in the world…?

The answer to that is to learn it yourself and then make a judgement on something. No one can ever trust media. Media is manipulated by government and politics although it’s a free voice for press. It’s not! Particularly not when it comes to Islam. Islam has a bad press around the world despite being one the biggest religions in the world.

I live in Spain and the heritage of Islam is huge. For those whom are not aware Spain was muslim for 800 years! Spain was the first European country to thrive in wealth, education, medicine, have running water and have most exocit fruits. This was all down to the muslims who lived in Spain. What’s sad is that history is not portrayed accurately when it comes to muslims in Spain.

I want to be the one who writes about the heritage of Islam in Spain. Why? Because it’s heartwarming what the muslims did to this beautiful country. The Moors brought Europe to light and the enlightenment. It’s super important to note no violence has ever been committed when the Moors lived in Spain. The people wanted to be muslims when they saw what amazing things the Moors were doing.

I am not surprised to see many Islamic influences in Spain today. Once you know a little bit about Islam you start to see it everywhere in Spain. For instance, eating late habit it comes from the Moors (the muslims). Many dishes are influenced by the way muslims eat. Of course, not the pork, however, the pork is direct influence of Islam.

Queen Isabel was trying to get rid of the jews and the muslims so she made sure there’s lost of pork at many restaurants and “pubs”. It’s a direct impact of the muslims and the jews in Spain. Today many restaurants still have the display of pork as such.

Photo by Thomas Vogel on Unsplash

The list continues.

Certain Spanish words and town names are so Arabic; for instance, Almeria, Alicante and so on; ojalá meaning hopefully it’s like inshalla god’s will; alumuerzo meaning lunch but any word in Spanish starting with ‘al’ comes from Arabic. If you ever drive to the South of Spain you will see Arabic signs.

My husband and I love seeing the influences of the Moors (muslims) in Spain. After all the injustice that had been done to the muslims and jews in Spain, during the Spanish inquisition — is unimaginable but the beauty of what the muslims left is undeniable and beautiful. All you have to do is open your heart and see the beauty of Islamic world in Spain today.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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