Genes Have Nothing to do with it

The pointlessness of the Spanish Inquisition

I live in Spain.

I love saying that!

Spain is an amazing and a huge country; if you were to travel from north to south you’ll see an immense diversity of this beautiful place. It is in the nature, architecture, weather and food. I must say I haven’t seen a lot of north of Spain because I am in love with south of Spain. South of Spain is a very special place to me for many reasons.

I saw it somewhere written it’s called the frying pan of Spain because it gets so hot but for me it’s the heart of Spain — Al-Andalus! The first time I went to south of Spain I knew nothing of its history or past. I didn’t know Spain was Muslim for 800 years. I saw Arabic road signs when going to the south of Spain. It was surprising to see it to say the least.

Later I learned that Al-Andalus was the greatest and brightest hub in Europe thanks to the muslims. The muslims brought education, medicine, hygiene and food to Europe. Cordoba had the biggest library in Europe compared to Paris or indeed London. How impressive?!!! It was the diamond of Europe!

The heart and the soul where education, medicine and hygiene were cherished first in Europe while the rest of it where in mud.

What I do find surprising is Spanish history doesn’t like to talk about its muslim past. I don’t know why. Without having had muslims in Spain I don’t think the country would be as amazing as it is today. After all the muslims brought, palm trees, architecture, pomegranates, olive trees, dates, music, flamenco, fascinating agriculture system, first flushing toilet and so on.

I hate what happened during the Spanish Inquisition. I visited a museum in Toledo of the gruesome torture instruments where men and women were tortured to death. Some of those terrible torture instruments are used today. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that one human being can be so cruel to another. The blood cleansing was the core reason for torturing and killing innocent people.

What strikes me the most today all the prejudice held against muslims and the muslim world is not dissimilar how queen Isabela I was towards the muslims and jews in Al-Andalus those many years ago. All those amazing achievements had been done by the Moors (Muslims) back then and Spanish history tries to forget it or amend it. It brings to me tears just thinking about it.

Does it mean that doing good to the world or another country counts to nothing? If we look at the genes of human beings from all around the world they’d be the same!

Therefore blood cleansing is nonsense!

Genes are just the looks and nothing else. Everything else a human has behaviour, education, circle of friends, it’s learned and it doesn’t come from genes. Everything a human being creates is because of his/her learning and education not because of their genes or religious beliefs.

It’s important to note today some people think genes are important. Those ideas are dangerous because it can cause another Spanish Inquisition of innocent people who are “guilty” of being amazing people. Just because someone is muslim or a jew or a catholic or a protestant it doesn’t mean they have bad genes.

What we should all account and look for is what we create and what we leave behind us.

The Moors (Muslims) left amazing architecture, palm trees, pomegranates, olive trees, Al-hambra (in Granada), Toledo and many buildings behind in fascinating little towns around Spain. Whatever religion, country you are from it doesn’t matter, you can create something today that your tomorrow is a much better place. I hope we never do harm to another human being for such a stupid reason as genes or religion.

I hope the world can cherish different religions, learn and live with each other in harmony and peace.

In the meantime I leave you with this beautiful mix of flamenco qawwali music.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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