5 Side Affects of Kindness you Need to Know

Erika Chaudhary
3 min readApr 3, 2020
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I’ve always believed in kindness. What I write next is not based on any research. I believe these are the effects of kindness. I always preferred to be kind. I believe in being inclusive which kindness does that to people by default. By helping someone to cross a street you are already including people. You are not standing or walking alone.

I used to say kindness always pays. Pays in a way no one would expect. I have recently discovered that there are not one, not two but five side affects of kindness.

Kindness makes you happier

When you are kind to someone that someone is happier because it makes them feel good. If you helped someone cross a street or if you helped someone carry their shopping bags for them or even if you smiled at a complete stranger and they smiled back at you. That’s kindness! That’s being thoughtful, kind and helpful.

Sometimes even a wave of hello to someone would make somebody’s day. By simply doing the smallest act of kind you are happier. You feel good you helped someone. You were of use to someone who needed you.

Kindness is good for your heart

Even the smallest bit of kindness is good for your heart. When you are helping someone it’s never about you it’s always about the person you are helping. However, you feel good doing a kind act. At least me, makes me feel amazing. I have a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of me. I smile a lot too. When your heart is filled with kindness it spreads the happy and amazing messages around.

When you are kind it warms your heart. You become happier as a result your whole body feels happier too. It’s not a rush of sugar that gives you a high but it’s a rush of ‘happy’ and it makes you want to do more of the kind acts.

Kindness slows ageing

Think about it, when you are exercising you are full of happy endorphins and you feel amazing. Kindness has a similar effect too. When you are kind in general you feel happy, good, amazing and at peace. You are not stressed thinking about things that you need to do, bills to pay and etc. You are relaxed and content. I would even go this far to say in the present moment.



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