Emotion…!? What Emotion?

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What really matters in life is — emotion. Through an emotion you can reach anyone and anything at any given time. Why? Because we are an emotional beings. We are not made up from a metal. We are souls that have bodies through which we communicate and connect. The communication with others is how we enable ourselves in the society.

The souls are not visible. Some don’t believe we have a soul. I am a believer in my soul. The souls are sociable and don’t like to be alone. That’s why, we humans, like to be surrounded by people so we can share, connect and communicate. It’s how we get a validation, support or whatever else we may need at any given time.

Through an emotion I connect with everyone around me. For instance, a horse. I went riding this weekend. I was in a conversation with my horse. A moment of connection, communication and real emotion. I had to get out of my head in order to connect.

Have you ever ridden a horse? I mean properly? I have to hold the reins right in order to send my messages to the horse. I have to sit right so when I move my leg the horse understands what I want. I have to have the right emotion. The horse needs to feel safe. If I feel angry, upset, or tense the horse is the same. If I feel relaxed, happy and focused so is my horse. How do you explain that? How do you explain an animal can receive my emotion? Horses are special creatures. However, it goes the same with other animals, cats, dogs, chameleons and etc.

The explanation lies in the emotion. It’s the emotion that makes us connect with each other. As human beings we continuously seek out the connection with everyone around us. We don’t know we do that. The horse taught me that. Every time I ride I seek out the connection with the horse otherwise I cannot find the rhythm. I cannot ride. I have to sync in and go with whatever is in front of me.

We don’t have to speak to connect. It’s hard to believe in it because you don’t see it, you cannot touch it and you cannot smell it. It’s a belief. When you achieve a connection through the right emotion it’s magical. I am flying with the horse. Everything we cannot see or touch or smell or hear, is a mystery to us. No — one should be afraid of mystery. The mystery makes it more interesting and fascinating.

If you have no emotion you like an empty bucket. If I kick it I hear a hollow sound. Without an emotion you are just a thing. Emotion is important. What’s next? The expression of it..? It all needs to come out. That’s when geniuses are born. When you live your emotion through an expression, for example, painting, writing, riding, coding you name it, you are alive. The right people, the right places, the right companies will see you.

The emotional connection is the only thing that matters in life in anything you do. I read many posts with a lot of tips for writing. What strikes me the most is none of them mention emotion. It’s the only thing that matters! An emotion which evokes something in me when I read an article, a book or a great story. It’s that emotion makes it a great book or an article. I am not an expert and far from knowing the tricks of the trade, but if I know one thing it’s an emotion. It’s an emotion that connects you to your audience and yourself.

Why do you think there’s so many coaches? Why there are so many marketing campaigns with emotional messages? It’s because they all want to connect with you and get you. Think about it. You like a certain brand and you don’t know why. It’s all because of an emotion. It’s very clever like that. For example, I like Mercedes. I don’t know why. I don’t drive. Not yet. The reason I like it, it’s because that brand represents something to me. It evokes an emotion, an association with something that makes me feel something.

A famous book called ‘The Secret’ talks about the law of attraction. I couldn’t read it. I felt bored. However, the message is whatever you portray you will receive back or something like that. If you smile to a stranger on a street they’ll smile back at you. It’s true. If you are sad you’ll see sad faces around you.

Another important point to note is how you communicate. It doesn’t matter what you say but what does matter, how you say it. What emotion are you conveying when you want ‘an ice-cream’ and when you say ‘I love you’? Whatever you communicate, communicate with love.

Essentially, all souls are beautiful and good. All souls need nurturing and love. We all want to love and be the light in our lives. The world needs more love, understanding and connection. It’s the emotion you receive back after you’ve investigated the world on the day.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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