Everything in life is simple!

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Have you ever experienced massive hesitation when trying to make a decision? Not knowing what to do? Agonising over a decision on getting a new job, being friends with someone, getting into a relationship and etc. You may be hesitant for weeks and not know the answer to something bothering you.

We, as human beings, always know what’s right. But do we listen to what we know? You either like or don’t like somebody. You either love or hate. Humans operate from two places — love or fear. That’s all. Nothing else. Why make matters complicated then?


I see some people pull away or become closer at certain times of my life. When I got married some people became closer friends and some pulled away. The ones that pulled away operate from fear and the ones that became closer operate from love. Do I accuse my friends of being distant? No. It’s a choice that fits them. Their actions cannot upset me unless I want to be upset. I have the power to choose. I always choose love but sometimes I fall into fear.


Fear is fascinating! I have a weird relationship with fear. It’s always with me no matter what. It doesn’t matter what I do. For instance, when I ride my bike fear keeps me safe because I don’t take unnecessary risks. When I meet someone new fear keeps me safe and by doing so I sometimes lose out on new and beautiful friendships. Fear is like a stop mechanism for good and for bad. It’s great to have it for things that might lead to an accident but it’s super bad when it keeps you away from achieving something you want. For example, writing and publishing a book; creates full range of emotion including fear. How one deals with it, is individual. However, there’s a simple mechanism to fix it.


Friendship and relationship are interlinked. However, for the sake of this train of thought it’s separate. The relationship I have with myself is the relationship I have with others. I don’t know if that’s true but it feels true. If I love myself others will love me too. If I hate myself others will hate me too. Only once I truly appreciated myself others appreciated me too. Once I started sending love to myself I got buckets of love back. What relationship you have with yourself you will receive in bundles from others. It’s a choice I make. It’s nothing new. It’s a mechanism so simple and effective one can use at all circumstances.


Whether I am conscious or unconscious about my choices they are still my choices. Sometimes I don’t even know why I feel sad. It’s because I chose it. Once I became aware of my choices my life changed. I chose to be happy, loved and healthy. I choose love over fear. It’s not always easy because you have all sorts of things in your head telling you bad stuff…. Everyone has their own cure how one deals with stuff. Meditation is the cure for me. Going out for a walk or run in nature is fantastic. However, one simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ can make everything clear.

No need to make anything complicated. Life is simple. The answer to all your questions, all your worries lies in a simple ‘if it feels bad — go away; if it feels great — go for it’.

If it feels bad don’t do it, don’t choose it, don’t entertain it and etc. If it feels great go for it, love it, embrace it, enjoy it and etc. We, as human beings, know what’s right and wrong. It can be as simple as the traffic light system green is great and red is no go. If making a decision it’s red turn away from it if it feels good go for it. It’s as simple as that. Every time I have to make a decision I use just that. Of course, you have to have a clear head to be able to listen to your own inner traffic light system. What’s amazing about it — it’s never wrong.

Do you know why it’s never wrong? Because the higher self always always always look after your best interest and it can never give you a bad answer. Trust in your own counsel and listen. Life is simple.

I am a writer who learned to code! I write about personal experiences within a humanist and global context. Find me on Twitter & Instagram @erikachaudhary

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