A Life in Pakistan Seem to Offer a Life of Luxury Compared to Europe

Erika Chaudhary
6 min readFeb 13, 2022

How different can life be in Pakistan compared to Europe?

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I had a great opportunity to spend more time in Pakistan at the end of the summer this year. My husband and I spent about six weeks in Pakistan. We wanted to discover more of the Northern part of Pakistan. What an incredible time we had! Pakistan is a country that never stops giving particularly if you go to the North.

There’s so much to tell about Pakistan but that will come later. Right now all that is coming up are the differences between Pakistan and Europe. It’s fascinating to me that every time I think back I always think life in Pakistan is simply incredible. At school I thought “somewhere else” is so much better than here, where I was (Lithuania) I’d imagine “somewhere else”, for instance, English speaking place would be so much better.

In Europe, the nearest and easiest place to get to English speaking is the UK. I went there to study English. I ended up spending about fifteen years of my life there. My husband and I moved to Barcelona, Spain. I thought we “made it” in life because we get to live in the beautiful spot, with the sun in our faces for most of the year, ride horses, swim in the sea and be mentally challenged which makes us better.

However, spending time in Pakistan all of the ideas of “the good life” or “we made it” are challenged. Pakistan gave me a completely different perspective; what I had known is challenged. Pakistan is an incredible country for so many reasons but one thing that shocks me the most is how well people live there. Not many people talk about it.

People in Pakistan live like kings and queens, we people, in Europe can only dream of it. I’ll list just a few examples of how well people in Pakistan live.

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In Europe, if I have a cook it’s considered a luxury it’s believed that not everyone can afford it. In Pakistan, it’s a norm. If you have someone to make you tea, cook and clean up the dishes after a meal it’s the norm. By having someone cook for you you…

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