If you are building a house in a hot country the questions to answer

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Since I live in Spain swimming pool has always been a must. It’s always so nice to go for a dip in blue beautiful water when it’s sizzling hot. It’s amazing to swim with the sun in your face. However, having a swimming pool comes with a few commitments and requirements.

Before I lived in a villa with a swimming pool I’ve never realised what it entails to have a swimming pool. Do you know? I’ve learned the hard way. The pool we had was huge…

A few facts about handmade carpets I learned

If you ever tried to get yourself a handmade carpet you’ll know it’s a total jungle out there. It depends on where you are in the world of course. If you are in the West looking for an art piece in other words a handmade carpet you need a reliable source. You don’t want to be ripped off either. Understing the prices and knowing a little bit about handmade carpet can help you a lot.

After living in London for fifteen years, I forgot things can be handmade. Can you believe it…


Travelling in Covid-19 time and what you learn about the cities

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What do you know about Malaga?

I knew nothing before we went last summer. We went to discover it. It was Coronavirus time.

What happened?

We ended up buying a little house in the Malaga mountains, which is about a 15-minute drive to the centre of Malaga. No, it wasn’t an impulse buy. It was a well-researched buy. It was the beginning of Covid-19 too. We had the time to research things.

Malaga is in Al-Andalus. It’s the fourth largest city in the region after Seville. Malaga is not a show-off city either.

It’s a city for the cool dudes…

The durability of the handmade carpets

Handmade carpets online red and yellow colours
Handmade carpets online red and yellow colours
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Handmade carpets are unique pieces. Carpets not only act as floor coverings but also are a piece of art. Not everyone is aware of this fact often all we want in our homes is a carpet. Only when you start searching and researching carpets you learn the real difference between machine-made, handmade and their durability.

Once you travel to the Old Silk Road (Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan and many other countries on this route) and learn the significance of the handmade carpets it changes your life and the whole concept of it.


Travel. Pakistan. Islamabad.

You might miss them too if you visit Islamabad, Pakistan

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Where do I begin?

When my husband asked me ‘what do you miss about Pakistan’ I said:

“I miss EVERYTHING”!!!

If you’ve never been, it’s hard to understand what I mean by everything. Here’s a small list of what I miss about Pakistan1, the land of the pure. It’s by far not limited to these things, and if I could, I would continue with it on and on, but I decided to keep it short.

The Real Nature

Islamabad is a city with real nature. It’s got the most incredible Margalla Hills. It’s the foothills of the Himalayas. It has been said the…

The truth about working for yourself and creating a business

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“The majority of ordinary people lack fulfilment and peace of mind because their values are confused and internally conflicted. We waste our lives chasing after an illusion of Happiness, based on a mixture of hedonism, materialism and egotism — crazy, self-defeating values absorbed from the foolish world around us.” — by Donald Robertson in his book Stoicism and the Art of Happiness.

Everyone now wants to create another Facebook and Google. Everyone wants to be famous. Children go to school and their aspirations are to become famous and rich. Is that what we want our next generation to be? …

Gifts should be thoughtful, sustainable and long-lasting

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Gift giving is great. Who doesn’t love a gift? Many life celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings and other occasions include gift-giving. I love thoughtful and long-lasting gifts, do you?

Why is it so special when you touch something handmade? Anything handmade seems to have something magical that transforms you and make you love anything handmade…

Capitalism produces mass made items, which many of us benefited from, for instance, smartphones. Right now you can buy anything you like, size, colours even quality right there and then. The handmade industry cannot compete with mass production…

The colours of a handmade carpet, do they matter, what do colours mean, and are there more considerations?

Photo by Parham Moieni on Unsplash

What do we know about handmade carpet colours? Do they matter? Why some carpets don’t have certain colours? Would you ever buy a handmade carpet online without knowing much about colours, design, patterns and its history?

The luxurious and intricate designs of a handmade carpet may not mean much to you at a first glance. Handmade carpets capture the detailed history and art of some of the world’s most ancient and influential culture. …

Handmade carpets are the real fascination but are they just floor coverings or a piece of art as well?

Photo by Aman Kumar on Unsplash

Handmade carpets are special not because I am selling them but because they are real art. If you’ve seen any of handmade carpets you’ll know that they have various designs, patterns, colours, symbolism and meaning. This cannot just be a floor covering, can it?

We often consider paintings as great pieces of art but handmade carpets are the real art. A great painting no one can deny the beauty, colours and composition. I studied art. I know all about oil painting…

Travel. Pakistan.

Islamabad, the city of inspiration, the gateway to the highest mountains, mouth watering food and the adventure of your life

Photo by Aryan Ghauri on Unsplash

What would be your reasons to go to Pakistan?

Would you even consider Pakistan as a travel-holiday destination?

Does Pakistan ever come to your mind when you think, ‘where should I travel next?’

Before I met my husband, I wanted to go to Pakistan. My friend had been. I quizzed her about it. I was curious. Have you ever been curious about a place? Have you been ‘obsessing’ about a place you wanted to go to, watched all the videos…

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