5 Things Nobody Tells you about Handmade Carpets

Erika Chaudhary
4 min readMay 9, 2021

A few facts about handmade carpets I learned

If you ever tried to get yourself a handmade carpet you’ll know it’s a total jungle out there. It depends on where you are in the world of course. If you are in the West looking for an art piece in other words a handmade carpet you need a reliable source. You don’t want to be ripped off either. Understing the prices and knowing a little bit about handmade carpet can help you a lot.

After living in London for fifteen years, I forgot things can be handmade. Can you believe it? When my husband and I worked on a design project I remembered the beauty of handmade things, for instance, handmade carpets, stairs, doors and etc. We went to a carpet shop somewhere in South London. Needless to say, all carpets were machine-made and I thought nothing much of it.

Once I got to Pakistan, I’ve realised I’ve seen nothing until my husband and I ventured to a few handmade carpet shops. Most carpet shops will claim they only sell handmade products. However, for a newbie like myself, I wasn’t sure and I didn’t know I can trust someone’s word for it. After all, I am in a different country, they know I am a tourist they can take advantage of me.

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way by going to different carpet shops in Pakistan, Islamabad. I’ve also seen a few handmade and machine-made carpets and now without a shadow of a doubt can tell you which is what.


Handmade carpets take a long time to make. It can take up to a year to make one carpet. I was shocked to find out it takes a long time to make a carpet. However, it doesn't surprise me. I studied art and I had some experience with textiles. I know what’s it like to weave wool into a pattern. It reminded me that to weave a handmade carpet takes real care, time, patience, effort and concentration to follow a design you create yourself.

The design and pattern of the handmade carpets are influenced by a person’s ancestors. It’s also a great creative way to express themselves and show off great skills. Therefore, this process does take time as a result strong and beautiful handmade are created.



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