3 Ways to Destroy Your Success — Permanently

Erika Chaudhary
4 min readAug 1, 2018


What is a success? What is a success to you?

I often ask this question. It depends whom I ask because the answers are different. For some, it’s money, fame, materialistic stuff and little to none soul fulfilling stuff. For some, it’s all about personal growth and making a world a better place. For some, helping people to heal physically. For some, look for meaning of life. For some, just be and achieve whatever it is to achieve in the moment.

Whatever success means to you there are ways to destroy it and never have it back. It’s hard to believe ‘never say never’ but it’s possible! Success is personal but there are universal truths about it that fit all.

One of the ways to destroy your success is not to listen to your heart.


Because your heart is the only trustworthy source giving you precise directions in life. If you never listen to your heart or your gut you are guaranteed to permanently destroy your success, no matter what success is to you. The heart, your soul, the gut knows and smart people listen to it always. The most successful people in the world ‘follow their heart’, ‘listen to their gut’ and so on. If you fail to listen to your heart and soul you fail in your success.

Sometimes it’s hard to listen to your heart because it’s confusing between what one desires and the realities of life. There’s a simple rule of thumb, if it feels good, then it’s the right thing to do, if it feels off or not quite right, it’s a no go. Simple! It’s like traffic light system — red is a no go and green go for it.

If you follow money — success will stay behind

You might enjoy some money success but it’s going to be short lived venture. Money only brings money and nothing else. Think about what truly matters health, relationship, family and friends. What’s good does it do to you if you have money and you are on your own? Money is great don’t get me wrong but if one strives to just get the money, well, one just gets money. Short lived money ventures are useless if there’s nothing else.

Too often than not, I see and hear how a rich person does x, y and z and they are on their own. Yes, surrounded by people because he/she has money. I have a friend who lived in a hotel in central London. She had all the money. She went to the parties. She had all the friends. When the money disappeared so did the friends, parties and everything else. Success is only a success if you are happy with your soul and the people around you.

Be exclusive and think you are better than anyone else is a guaranteed way to destroy your success.

That’s a great way to destroy your success permanently and loose friends and everyone around you. It’s a recipe for how to alienate people and stay alone forever! If you think you are better than anyone else, you are big headed grumpy, alone being. You may have people around but not because they like you because you have money. Your worries are only how to have the money “empire” and alienate people. Put others down and think you are a king of an imaginary golden castle.

I have met people like that. I have worked with people like that. It’s not fun! Trust me, they are not happy either. They look miserable and pretend to be happy by spending money on materialistic things. They tend to deconstruct themselves in the casino bars and pretend they are millionaires. People who work at the casinos and bars see people like that all the time. Where do these people end up? Their brains become like squralls on rabies and are horrible to people who work for them.

Success is a made up term. It’s a modern term. If you go to Swaziland and ask a woman what is a success for her. What do you think her answer would be?

A success to me is my family is well, I am well, I have a roof over my head, I am healthy and I have a healthy life. I get to play tennis with my husband. I get to run in the mountains. Life that gives me life, joy and love.

I wish everyone this type of success and never lose it!



Erika Chaudhary

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